So reciprocal understanding could grow

The 2019 meeting of European Mennonite leaders took place on a historical date for Germany: the anti-Semitic pogroms of the Reichskristallnacht (“night of broken glass”) 9–10 November 1938 when Nazi paramilitary forces and civilians throughout... more/más/suite

Mennonite World Conference calls for prayer and precautionary measures

Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak as a global health emergency 30 January 2020, Mennonite World Conference calls for Anabaptist and Mennonite congregations around the world to unite in... more/más/suite

Following Jesus into Assembly

Crossing barriers at Assembly 2021 in Indonesia begins with the Assembly program committee. These volunteers appointed to develop the activities and schedule of Mennonite World Conference’s flagship event, the global Assembly, come from 5 different... more/más/suite

Growing team serves church

A composer, health manager and auto mechanic – all church leaders – joined the Mennonite World Conference team. These newly appointed regional representatives complete the team that helps Mennonite World Conference and its member churches maintain a... more/más/suite

Solidarity with a Mennonite church at a crossroad

From 1–8 December 2019, a joint delegation from Mennonite World Conference’s Peace Commission and Deacons Commission visited three Mennonite churches in Hong Kong, other denominations and also some educational institutions to offer solidarity and to... more/más/suite

Top stories in 2019

English readers were interested in the news that general secretary César García and executive assistant Sandra Báez Rojas of Mennonite World Conference (MWC) have relocated to Canada in February 2019. They also enjoyed the testimony of YAMENers . “... more/más/suite

Two letters renounce violence

“Renounce violence and love our enemies.” This is part of being a peacemaker in Mennonite World Conference’s Shared Convictions. Living out that conviction, 13 September 2019, 13 Anabaptist churches in the USA signed a letter to the National... more/más/suite

Development Officer steps down

Chief Development Officer Arli Klassen will step down from her position at the end of January 2020. She came to this role in December 2012 after serving as binational Executive Director of Mennonite Central Committee. She supported MWC through... more/más/suite

Meserete Kristos Church inspires LMC

Standing in one of the regional offices of MWC member church Meserete Kristos Church (MKC), the church’s former president, Tewodros Beyene introduced several LMC leaders to the church’s administrative staff. He explained that the LMC delegation had... more/más/suite

MWC walks with family through hard times

Earthquake. Famine. Flooding. The headlines catch attention, and people respond with prayers and donations to emergency appeals. A few days later, the reporting stops and the event fades from memory. But for those directly affected, it is only the... more/más/suite

Mission and service workers: ambassadors of peace

How do our churches and service agencies work together? How does the gospel illuminate our witness in our context? How do we make explicit the invitation to follow Jesus as part of our social and mission work? How do we bring our justice witness to... more/más/suite

Hindi publication resurrected to share Mennonite news

To share news and a sense of identity among the 4,900 baptized members of the 22-congregation Mennonite Church India Dhamtari CG (MCI), a magazine committee resurrected Mennonait Mandli Samachar Patrika – a Hindi-language news magazine for the... more/más/suite

Anabaptist testimonies inspire Anabaptist lives

The image of Dirk Willems reaching back to rescue his pursuer from the ice is iconic for Anabaptists. But just as powerful are more recent – and more diverse – stories of Anabaptists who live out peace and reconciliation in ordinary but sacrificial... more/más/suite

MWC worship resources draw the family together

Gathered and scattered. Mennonite World Conference creates space for the global Anabaptist family to worship together, together in body in one location, and together in spirit in many locations. One way is through publishing worship resources. Each... more/más/suite

Out of horror, Kasai survivors rebuild lives

Earlier this year in Tshikapa, DR Congo, four Congolese women laughed together as they filled a water trough for their pigs – animals that hold the promise of income for them in the year to come. Their laughter stands in contrast to their... more/más/suite

More curious, more daring

“During this year I have learned to be more curious and adventurous. When I return to my country, I hope to be a better servant for Christ and in my church, and also to be more daring when assuming responsibilities,” says Gerhard Peters, a 2018–2019... more/más/suite

MWC Commissions strengthen bonds of communion

From 25–27 June 2019, leaders and members of the four Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Commissions met together for a time of face-to-face discussion, reflection, worship and strategic planning to advance the mission of MWC. Approximately 40 women... more/más/suite

“On the Road” together

“Normally when I am away from home, I only want to go home again. Now, I just want to stay here,” said one participant in the first European Menno’s Global Youth Assembly. From 30 May to 2 June 2019, 45 young Mennonites from The Netherlands,... more/más/suite

Preserve church documents, say church historians

“The global church works best when all her parts are engaged in sharing their stories,” said Patrick Obonde, director of missions at the Anabaptist Leadership Education Centre in Kenya. On 17–19 June 2019, historians, pastors and archivists did just... more/más/suite

MWC Books: one church's peace project

“Why would you help us? Who are you Mennonites?” A family from Colombia asked this of their friends at Grantham Mennonite Brethren (MB) Church in St. Catharines, Ont., Canada. With bureaucratic assistance from Mennonite Central Committee and... more/más/suite