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“I very much appreciate having guests who can bring their experience and theological perspectives to help broaden my faith and understanding of being a global community,” says Greg Jantzi, pastor of Nith Valley Mennonite Church, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada. He invited Mennonite World Conference general secretary César García to preach in the congregation’s online service.

As many congregations currently worship through online services, Mennonite World Conference guest speakers connect congregations with the global family.

“In times of hardship, it is more important than ever to strengthen our links to one another in the worldwide community of faith, encouraging each other in fellowship, worship, service and witness,” says César García.

MWC’s officers can join a service as guest preacher or as presenter to share stories about the global family.

Greg Nith
Greg Yantzi

“Being able to have César, Sandra Baez and [Executive Committee North America representative] Lisa Carr Pries share about their understandings of MWC was a reminder of our global perspective in many aspects of life,” says Greg Yantzi. “We invited neighbouring Mennonite congregations to join us for this service as well, allowing even more people in our community to benefit from hearing them.”

Mosaic Mennonite Conference in the USA also invited César García to speak at their annual gathering held online. “Even though he had recorded it weeks earlier…, César’s message was just what we needed for that moment in our conference and in our nation,” says Emily Ralph Servant, leadership minister and director of communication. “He challenged us to live the kingdom now in real and tangible ways and not to depend on the government or an overthrow of the government to accomplish this.

“I heard good feedback from many who participated in our virtual worship service,” she says.

If you would like to request a guest speaker from Mennonite World Conference, please contact MWC.

“This has opened up opportunities for us to include guests from around the world, even when we are back meeting in person,” says Greg Yantzi. “I do recommend that churches take advantage of the technology available to us.”

Check here for available speakers.

To arrange a speaker for your congregation, please click here for staff email addresses to make arrangements directly OR contact MWC.

Please allow at least one month’s notice between initial contact and expected booking. Specialists from Commissions (Mission, Peace, Deacons, Faith & Life) or networks (Peace, Health, Education, Creation Care) may also be available.

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