Online prayer hour registration

Upcoming MWC online prayer hour events at 14:00 UTC

City Time
Vancouver 07:00 (UTC -7)
Ciudad de Guatemala 08:00 (UTC -6)
Winnipeg 09:00 (UTC -5)
Newton 09:00 (UTC -5)
Bogotá 09:00 (UTC -5)
Lima  09:00 (UTC -5)
Kitchener 10:00 (UTC -4)
Washington DC 10:00 (UTC -4)
Caracas  10:00 (UTC -4)
Santa Cruz 10:00 (UTC -4)
Asunción 10:00 (UTC -4)
Curitiba 11:00 (UTC -3)
Ouagadougou 14:00 (UTC)
Kinshasa  15:00 (UTC +1)
Amsterdam 16:00 (UTC +2)
Paris 16:00 (UTC +2)
Harare 16:00 (UTC +2)
Nairobi 17:00 (UTC +3)
Addis Ababa 17:00 (UTC +3)
Kolkata 19:30 (UTC +5.5)
Semarang 21:00 (UTC +7)
Hong Kong 22:00 (UTC +8)
Seoul 23:00 (UTC +9)
Tokyo 23:00 (UTC +9)
UTC 14:00

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Stories about Online Prayer Hour

Zoom view of faces

We will continue to pray

“Praise God we had a meaningful prayer time for unity of Spirit to pray for suffering and bleeding humanity. May God have mercy over this world. We will continue pray for shared points,” says participant Rechal Bagh.
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Let us pray

“Thank you for carrying us in your hearts,” says Siaka Traore, MWC regional representative for Central and West Africa. Mennonite World Conference members are invited to gather together Online Prayer Hour, 18 November 2022. This event will briefly feature sharing about Burkina Faso from Natacha...
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Zoom faces

After Zoom, prayers carry on

Online Prayer Hour doesn’t end when the hour does. Not only do participants in Mennonite World Conference’s bimonthly prayer meeting continue for another 15 minutes – greeting each in other in a pandemonium of languages – they also carry prayers back to their local congregations. On 18 March 2022,...
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prayer at computer

Celebrate AWFS with online prayer

“Apart and together, we meet in prayer as a global Anabaptist family to encourage each other and share burdens,” says Arli Klassen, regional representatives coordinator. “This year, we offer a special invitation to gather online to participate in a prayer hour together.” Anabaptist World Fellowship...
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“We don’t live by fear”

Mennonites stand in the breach through prayer “And I sought for anyone among them who would repair the wall and stand in the breach before me on behalf of the land,” writes the prophet Ezekiel (22:30). On 19 November 2021, more than 110 members of Mennonite World Conference from Argentina to...
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faces on zoom screen

Bimonthly prayer unites across language and location

Despite a two-day headache and recovery from a COVID-19 infection, Madhur Lakra logged on at 19:30 local time to pray. He not only participated in but led a Hindi prayer room for MWC’s bimonthly online prayer hour in July. After a large group welcome in English with simultaneous interpretation, the...
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MWC online prayer hour Pentecost

Physically distanced but in prayer together

“There is lockdown and physical distancing, but even so, we can meet in prayer. From different countries, we can come together and pray together in this way. As we are united in prayer, we trust God will hear our prayers and intervene.” Hanna Soren, member of the Deacons Commission, offered this prayer at the close of Mennonite World Conference’s first online prayer meeting.
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