Peace Commission


The Peace Commission offers MWC member churches a wide array of support: enabling talk about the peace issues facing individual churches, countries and continents; providing a conversation forum in which churches can consider together peace-related questions and issues that they would otherwise face alone; strengthening the common peace identity through mutual reinforcement and discussion; and further enabling cooperative efforts on select peace initiatives.

Commission Members

Andres Pacheco, Chair

Andrew Suderman, Secretary
North America

Jorge Morales

Wendy Kroeker

Neal Blough

Adriana Belinda Rodríguez

Kari Traoré
Burkina Faso

Wincy Wan


Faith Action on Children on the Move: a Global Partners Forum

Children leave their homes for a variety of reasons. Whether they travel with their family, independently as unaccompanied children, or with an extended family or a non-family member as separated children, they face challenges and risks they should not have to face. The most vulnerable children on the move consistently face abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

However, people of faith are a powerful force in the world who can catalyze shifts in both attitudes and behaviour.

Mennonite World Conference is one of 13 co-organizers of Faith Action on Children on the Move: a Global Partners Forum 16–19 October 2018 in Rome, Italy.

The purpose of the forum is to learn, exchange, inform and plan.

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