Anabaptists on the streets of Zurich

On 29 May 2025, Mennonite World Conference invites guests from around the world to gather in Zurich to commemorate this beginning. “Courage to love,” the theme for the event, will mark this history and celebrate what the movement has become today... 閱讀全文

Deep faith fills Bowls of Hope

When I think about hope, I am very thankful to have quite a long list to choose from where I see it. Here I will focus on how I see hope in my church through the community outreach and the youth – and how they intertwine.閱讀全文

“If we do not give up…”

Acouple of years ago as we were swimming upstream against COVID-19, hope seemed to be hard to come by. I don’t know about your churches, but we were forced to dive into the deep end of the modern digital age – or rather bellyflop into it.閱讀全文

Living everyday is a miracle

Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. We’re unique in some ways but the same with the rest of African countries in some other ways. We’re a very poor country with a population of around 110 million.閱讀全文

Hope was never lost

From the smallest to the biggest, they all wanted to help in different ways. All the conferences had a role to help what is going on in Ukraine. Some send funds, all pray, of course, and some even take initiative to bring relief supplies directly to... 閱讀全文

We are peace-loving Mennonites

Dear MWC and Mennonite Church Canada, you are the angels sent by God to Myanmar. You fed us when we were hungry. When we are down, you comfort us. You help us when we are refugees. You bring us a ray of hope when we are hopeless.閱讀全文

Hope takes action in despair

Yes, it’s been 77 years since Korea was divided into North and South Korea. The deep-rooted fear that comes from a history of war and the insecurity that comes from that fear have created a lot of different forms of despair閱讀全文


In 2017, Mennonite World Conference began a series of events called Renewal . The original vision was organized with a view toward the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Anabaptist movement in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2025. It included several... 閱讀全文

A spirit of repentance and Renewal

“That they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21) With these words from the Gospel of John 17:21, we warmly greet the sisters and brothers... 閱讀全文

A visible global church

“My heart hasn’t stopped beating fast since hearing the testimonies last night,” said mission committee member Joanne Lang at Arnold Community Church, B.C., Canada. Her local congregation was one of 29 that hosted Mennonite World Conference guest(s... 閱讀全文

Renewal 2023

“By sharing the story of the global church, we can expand the concept of community. In the process of finding a Jesus-centred neighbourhood, not an ‘I’-centred neighbourhood, we can break down walls,” says Kkhot-Ip Bae. The Mennonite Christian from... 閱讀全文

Join MWC storytellers in Abbotsford

“The beauty of listening the stories of the global church is immense,” says José Arrais. “We are all so diverse, with so complex backgrounds, with such unique dynamics between the regions, that each story is an original inspiration that all of us... 閱讀全文

Renewal 2021

As we look ahead to the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Anabaptist movement, the Faith and Life Commission will host webinars in June 2021 focused on baptism. The interactive webinars will provide teaching and offer opportunity for... 閱讀全文

“I should wait for his will”

“God taught me that once I have committed my life to him, I should wait for his will,” says Esther S. Kunjam.閱讀全文

Everything is under the authority of Christ

“Christ reconciled all creation to himself,” Harjo Suyitno says, pointing to the tiger, bull, fish, monkey, and birds in his artwork. “The cross reconciles the cosmos into the family of God who presents peace in the world. It’s a vision of the... 閱讀全文

“God greatly sustained me”

In the structure of the Brethren in Christ Church of Zimbabwe, most leadership positions are filled by men. However, there are many women who have great leadership skills and have been pastors and effective leaders in the church.閱讀全文

“Djagalah Anak Kambing Koe” (“Tend My Lambs”)

On his deathbed, Tee Siem Tat called his sons, Tee Yan Poen and Tee Yan Siang, and his son-in-law, Tan King Ien. To them, Tee Siem Tat spoke his last words: “Djagalah anak kambing koe” (“Tend my lambs,” John 21:15 in Old Bahasa). His grandson, Rev... 閱讀全文


更新 2027 的詩歌、見證、和聖經反思 一個當地敬拜團演奏 『你是至高神』時,國際的重洗派家庭在肯亞的Kisumu市裡Nyamasaria小學會堂隨著歌聲搖擺。這是今年慶祝「更新2027」的年度集會,主題是「聖靈轉化我們」。Kisumu也是肯亞門諾會總部所在地。 門諾會世界大會慶祝宗教改革500周年的活動發生在各組會議開會間。Gordon Obado,其中一位主持人,說『國際門諾會跟真葡萄樹耶穌緊緊相連』來歡迎國際來賓蒞臨肯亞。 由聖靈而生的教會 『Roho Mtakatifu... 閱讀全文


辛巴威 BICC 總會有超過半數的鄉間教會是由女性牧者所牧養的。許多女性牧師拓殖BIC教會,是因為當地沒有她們熟悉的教會,以及渴望與其他信徒有團契。於是便由家庭聚會開始,有時一位女性被認可為領導是因其靈裡的成熟及聖道上的知識。許多BICC女性講員在當地受到高度推崇。 最早在辛巴威BIC參與拓殖事工與傳講福音的其中一位,就是希班妲(Sitshokuphi Sibanda)女士。 當1898年第一群宣教士抵達辛巴威的馬托普時,她是一位青少年。 她也是幾位最早信主,之後從宣教士領受一些教育者之一,... 閱讀全文


更新2027是一個為期10年,紀念重洗派500週年的活動。這系列活動將幫助我們聚焦在從古至今各領袖的行為見證。 內莉是辛巴威基督弟兄會(以下稱BICC)當中,克服許多困難而達到多項成就的第一位女士。尤其在大型聚會當中,她已成為用生命帶下影響力的重要講員。 丈夫彼德摩洛舒瓦牧師在結婚25年後過世,留下5個仍在就學需要照顧的孩子。 然而這不擊垮他,反而使她更投身加入教會的事工。 1969年起她初次在依庫費黎尼聖經學院教書,之後成為BICC第一個辛巴威本國籍的聖經學校女講師,前後總共有22年之久。... 閱讀全文