Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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As we commemorate 500 years of Anabaptism, may we rightly remember our shared past. May we renew our commitments to following Jesus, living out unity in community with others, and building peace. May we also invest in our common witness with other members of Christ’s global body. 

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Al conmemorar los 500 años del anabautismo, podamos recordar correctamente nuestro pasado compartido. Que renovemos nuestros compromisos de seguir a Jesús, vivir la unidad en comunidad con los demás y construir la paz. Que también podamos invertir en nuestro testimonio común con otros miembros del cuerpo mundial de Cristo. 


Alors que nous commémorons les 500 ans de l’anabaptisme, souvenons-nous avec sagesse de notre passé commun. Puissions-nous renouveler nos engagements à suivre Jésus, à vivre l’unité en communauté avec les autres et à construire la paix. Que nous puissions également investir dans notre témoignage commun avec les autres membres du corps mondial du Christ.

20 六月 2024

The loss of license to receive funds from overseas has deeply affected Mennonite Christian Service Fellowship of India, a meeting that unites development and mission work of 8 Anabaptist-Mennonite conferences in India. Pray for discernment as they learn new ways of working and finding funds to support projects. Local churches already face strain to pay pastors.
Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo

18 六月 2024

Natural and climatic conditions are one of the challenges in our region. There are many possible natural disasters that always threaten and become challenges. In Indonesia, for example,earthquakes, landslides and floods occur. In the Philippines, typhoons often occur which destroy many things and also cause floods. This is indeed a problem, but it is also an opportunity for churches of believers to carry out a missionary call to provide assistance to people affected by disasters.
—submitted by Agus Mayanto, MWC regional representative for Southeast Asia
Photo: Misbahul Aulia/Unsplash

10 六月 2024

Pray for intergenerational unity in worship. Preferences for worship styles often differ between age cohorts. This can cause arguments or the development of separate worship events. Pray that each generation will extend grace to each other and remain in relationship, willing to learn from each other.
Photo: Windhi Arsari

04 六月 2024

Pray for the internally displaced people in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who are very vulnerable with many risks.Pray for the Mennonite churches locally and in the country who are supporting those in need.
Photo: Siaka Traoré

28 五月 2024

Praise God for the meetings of the EMLC (European Mennonite Leaders Conference) which are an instrument of forming and building a communion/koinonia among its members. There is an openness and willingness to recognize each other. Pray that these experiences will continue to be taken home and shared further. Praise God for the efforts of the European Coordinator (and MWC Regional Rep) José Arraís continue to bring previously unknown branches of our European Anabaptist-Mennonite family into this communion. Pray that through the diversity of old and new Anabaptist-Mennonites, there is opportunities to refocus on identity, slowly carving new from the old.
Photo: European Mennonite Leaders Conference (EMLC) met in Barcelona, 2023/Liesa Unger

21 五月 2024

In northern Brazil (Recife), an apartment building a block from the local Mennonite church fell into itself, crushing, injuring and killing several of their members. The church was grateful for MWC’s words of encouragement and asked for continued prayers as they dealt with grief, relocation of those who lost their homes and outreach.
—submitted by Cynthia Dück
Photo: Irma Sulistyorini

14 五月 2024

Pray for the superintendent, pastors and congregations of the Cabo Delgado district, which underwent a recent terrorist attack. Pray for terrorist activity to cease in Cabo Delgado and for the church to grow and thrive. Pray also for wisdom for Bishop Mubecane Filipe Manharage as he leads the Church in Mozambique.
—submitted by BIC World Mission
Photo: Canva

29 四月 2024

Please pray for the leaders of national churches in Canada and the USA. Numerous conferences have undergone senior staff leadership transitions, or will be undergoing transitions in the coming months. Pray that our member churches will be appointing wise, godly leaders that will guide their communities to follow Jesus, live out unity and build peace in their denominational families and in the broader Anabaptist fellowship.
Photo: Canva

23 四月 2024

For centuries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been plundered for its wealth and by the greed of those in power, whose sole concern is their own enrichment.

This affects the way people live together and the national cohesion. In the province of Grand Bandundu, where a large number of Mennonites live, there is armed unrest between the Bayaka and Bateke tribes.

In the east of the country, on the Rwanda-Burundi border, where Mennonites are gradually settling in, an armed rebellion is destabilizing the province. The collapse of the economy has given rise to tensions. Conditions are ripe for ethnic cleansing, which has already begun.

Please pray for the eradication of greed and corruption, and that the Mennonite Christians of DR Congo will give an example of peace in a troubled country. We need your prayerful support.
—submitted by Reverend Professor Érik Kumedisa, Director of the Centre Biblique Anabaptiste, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Photo: Karla Braun



16 四月 2024

Most of the Southern Africa has received limited rains so far. Crops are showing signs of moisture stress or have already become unviable. In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, dams supplying the city with water have not had any significant inflows so far. Some areas around the city are going for weeks without receiving water! We are concerned that diseases such as cholera can easily spread within the region. Pray that God show compassion to our region and provide rains. The situation is dire.
—submitted by Danisa Ndlovu, regional representative for Southern Africa
Photo: Kristina Toews

06 四月 2024

On 3 April 2024, Taiwan was struck by its most powerful earthquake in 25 years, which measured 7.5 in magnitude.
Leaders of FOMCIT (the Mennonite church in Taiwan) report that no members are injured. However, at least nine people have been reported killed, more than 900 injured, and property damage is widespread. The Mennonite hospital in Hualien is prepared to receive emergency patients.

Let us pray for comfort for those who have lost loved ones and for the people who are suffering after the earthquake. Pray for the rescuers searching for trapped people in unstable wreckage with the possibility of aftershocks. Pray for medical teams that are helping the victims.

03 四月 2024

Please pray for our neighbour Haiti. The first country in the region to become independent, its early development was stymied by punitive reparation payments and ostracization. Today, it is one of the poorest countries in the world where frequent disease, violence, and internal displacement make life very difficult for most residents. Pray for the church struggling to live out the gospel of peace in challenging conditions.
—submitted by William George Broughton, MWC regional representative for the Caribbean
Photo: Canva

27 三月 2024

28 BIC Nepal church members’ houses and the building for worship were destroyed in Rangeli Municipality, Morang District, Nepal, after an electric short circuit sparked a large fire.  

“Now they do not have any shelter to live and nothing left to eat except some burned rice and even most of their cooking vessels are damaged,” writes Shemlal Hembrom, general secretary of Nepal BIC Church/Brethren in Community Welfare Society. “Some people from the neighbouring village and the local youth club members have provided food to the victims. Other local organizations and local churches including BIC church Nepal have planned to provide one month’s food relief, utensil, cooking gas, a pair of clothes, beds, mattress, bed sheets and two plastic tents for temporary shelter to each family.  

“Please pray for all the fire victims and God may open the way specially to support our believers to rebuild their houses and the church building.” 

“Be merciful to me, O God; be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, until the destroying storms pass by.”—Psalm 57:1 

27 三月 2024

There is disruption from protests across Europe concerning European Union decisions, especially regarding agriculture the agricultural sector. Pray for clear eyed perspectives on regulations for building a more just and compassionate society. Pray that people with passion would also cultivate the capacity for deep listening so the sharing of difference can lead to understanding and solutions instead of polarization.
Photo: Canva

26 三月 2024

We pray for members of the human family who are in the midst of war or violence in their nations. At this time, our hearts cry out especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Palestine. Lord, deliver them and silence the guns and bombs in those countries.
Photo: Merle Good

19 三月 2024

One of the common challenges facing our communion of churches in North America is leadership. Six of 10 national MWC member churches in North America have undergone or will experience senior staff leadership changes in the coming year. Congregations are aging – including their leaders. We are facing a wave of pending pastoral retirements. National churches are concerned about engaging younger generations and are trying to develop emerging leaders’ programs (e.g., mentorship, coaching, bi-vocational) and job networks for those interested in Anabaptist theology and pastoral ministry. We invite you to pray for current leaders, and that new leaders would be raised up to guide the church in the years to come.
—submitted by Gerald Hildebrand, MWC regional representative for North America
Photo: Patrick Fore/Unsplash

12 三月 2024

Myanmar is in the worst situation due to wars. The civil war is intensifying and spreading across the country. There is inflation and lack of employment. Due to the disruption of trade routes and insecurity within the country, a third of Myanmar (more than 18 million people) are in need of food. Among them, more than 200 Mennonite families are in dire straits.

The war between the Myanmar military and the revolutionaries continues with losses for the government. The military junta announced 12 February 2024 that every citizen (ages 18 to 35, regardless of gender) must serve in the military. Young people are banned from leaving the country and face a 5-year prison sentence for refusing conscription. That law will cause suffering for all citizens. Unrest is growing. Some young people many flee to avoid military service. Others seek refuge in the revolutionary groups.

The conscription law poses a special challenge for our Mennonite youth. They are also afraid to attend church and venture outside.

Our country faces many problems, but on the other hand, God is also opening a great door for the spread of the gospel and peace movement. We are doing great in here by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for us and for peace in Myanmar.
—a message from the leaders of Bible Missionary Church, Mennonite

MWC mourns with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar

04 三月 2024

For the DR Congo, pray for families who are scattered, especially fathers who are separated from their children due to war and the widowed women who struggle to have enough to survive. Pray for the soldiers who use sexual violence as a weapon: may God touch them to respect their fellow human. As the election results from December are settled, may the government and the people learn to love each other as neighbours even across party lines, and may the leaders develop a heart for the poorer citizens whom they govern. Pray for the Mennonite Bible training institutions to have partners to improve their service.
—submitted by Robert Irundu, Communauté Mennonite au Congo
Photo: Siaka Traoré

26 二月 2024

Recently Ecuador has experienced situations of extreme violence and social disorder, and the government has responded with militarization. We pray that the families and communities that are experiencing situations of violence in any form – extortion, robberies and all kinds of insecurities – may find peace in God, that the ecclesial community may be the arms of the Lord and ears to listen to how people feel, and that the churches may know how best to witness to the values of the Kingdom of God. 
—submitted by Pablo Stucky, MWC regional representative for South America – Andean region, and Marina Plua, Ecuador 

16 二月 2024