Joy in the midst of suffering

Gratitude to God and the global Anabaptist church fill my heart as I complete my term as MWC president. This planet-wide church has become my home, and the assembly in Indonesia will be a reunion, a gathering of siblings. In a world fractured by war... 閱讀全文

Wonder and witness, works and Word

Anabaptists and Pentecostals The Global Anabaptist Project* says: “Pentecostalism is the most rapidly growing expression of Christianity in the world, and Anabaptists are not foreigners to this reality.” Anabaptists around the world experience this... 閱讀全文

Internal Dialogues

“Mennocostal” – Pentecostal Mennonites – may be the best characterization of most Anabaptists in Mennonite World Conference today. The influence of Pentecostalism in Mennonite congregations worldwide is an overwhelming reality. In their study of... 閱讀全文

Believe and be baptized!

These words of Jesus (Mark 16:16), repeated at Pentecost by the apostle Peter (Acts 2:38) inspire Anabaptists and spur us to action. “Baptism” is in our very name – and our practice is a key marker in our formation as a group of Christ followers... 閱讀全文

An occasion for confession and transformation

A focus on history can easily shade into hero worship – a focus on earthly figures rather than on Jesus, “the founder and perfector of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). Preserving historical memories can become a form of nostalgia, or a defense of the dead... 閱讀全文

A changed life

At a place where springs appear in the desert east of the Jordan River, a guide explains that this is where John baptized Jesus – at “Bethany beyond the Jordan” (John 1). Modern wooden structures stand where early Christians once built churches... 閱讀全文

Meet your MWC Officers

The Executive Committee delegates responsibility to the officers to provide oversight to the life and work of MWC between its annual meetings. president and vice-presiden t elected by the General Council, the general secretar y (ex officio)... 閱讀全文

To overcome obstacles in unanimity

Austria Mennonitischen Freikirche Österreich (MFÖ) / Mennonite Free Church of Austria The Mennonite Free Church in Vienna is the community in which I had the privilege of growing up. We are a small but incredibly family-oriented church, centred... 閱讀全文

Dialogue: “Through the Word”

“For those who do not want to believe, no argument is valid, and for those who want to believe, arguments are not necessary.” I shared that phrase (from an unknown author) with a friend in Ontario a few days ago. We talked about how difficult it is... 閱讀全文

Giving and Receiving within the Body of Christ

Following a 5-year conversation with theologians from the Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions, the Faith and Life Committee invited the members of Mennonite World Conference to consider our practices of Anabaptist together at Renewal 2027 in two... 閱讀全文

Baptism in a barrel

It is very difficult to go to the northern part of Ethiopia after the war broke out. Despite the security concerns, when I heard that members of our church in western Tigray were in difficult conditions, I organized a team. We would go there to show... 閱讀全文

“Believe and Be Baptized: A Global Conversation on Baptism”

Following a 5-year conversation with theologians from the Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions, the Faith and Life Committee invited the members of Mennonite World Conference to consider our practices of Anabaptist together at Renewal 2027 in two... 閱讀全文

Paseduluran: Indonesian churches live out the gospel of peace

The presence of the Indonesian Anabaptist-Mennonites is very significant in the history of the Anabaptists worldwide, for it brings a new light not only on “Who are the Anabaptists?” but also “Who are the Anabaptists’ neighbours?” Since its birth... 閱讀全文

God’s Wisdom and goodness

Perspective: United States Religious difference can bring people together Religion is personal; it expresses our way to be. Religio means “to bind,” so religions are meant to bring people together. To talk with other Christians (Protestant, Roman... 閱讀全文

Together for dialogue

Perspective: Burkina Faso Testimony of Fabé Traoré’s relations with Muslims Born in a Muslim family in Samogohiri, I was a practicing Muslim before my conversion. Today I am a servant of God, commonly called a pastor and in charge of the local... 閱讀全文

God was always there

Perspectives: Guatemala Mayas and Anabaptists: A spiritual encounter Guatemala is a beautiful country with pluricultural, multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious peoples. God allowed my birth to happen here. What God had prepared for my life... 閱讀全文

A form of peace, faith, testimony and mission

Perspective: Indonesia The most difficult situation is the best class of life. When the whole world is facing the pandemic, we learn about solidarity and compassion, not only thinking about ourselves but also other people who are weaker. Even amid... 閱讀全文

Embracing the other

Living as Jesus did “Interreligious dialogue is not just a method of mission; it is mission itself. Witnessing to Jesus is not just talking about Jesus but also living as Jesus did and taught, embracing the other,” says Danang Kristiawan. What does... 閱讀全文

Mission from the margins

President’s column While leading a study tour in his native Egypt for Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, professor Safwat Marzouk stood before the oldest surviving written mention of Israel. On a 1 200 BC stone inscription, Pharaoh Merneptah... 閱讀全文

The messiness of actual life

Perspectives: Germany Interreligious work in Berlin, Germany Followers of other religious paths are often called “strangers,” but living in Berlin, Germany, that never feels right. Of course, “their” lives are in some sense strange to “us,”... 閱讀全文