Not just a tour; a pilgrimage

Indonesia It was 7 October 2023. Husband and wife Simon Setiawan and Sarah Yetty, members of Jemaat Kristen Indonesia (JKI) church from Indonesia, were in Egypt, leading a tour group of more than 40 people from Indonesia and the United States... Weiterlesen

One God and Spirit: a bond of peace

“…Making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). A global fellowship, 109 national churches, 58 countries, some 10 000 congregations, 1.4 million members, 45 languages: can that ever be unified? The... Weiterlesen

Another way

“There should be justice. They should pay for the terrible wrong they have done.” These and other similar phrases have been repeated in the news in recent months. In my country, Colombia, I have heard the same sentences too many times on the lips of... Weiterlesen

A moment to relentlessly seek peace

USA I grew up in Guatemala in evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Our songs, Sunday school teachings and sermons were filled with Christian Zionist theology that declares God’s will to be the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The... Weiterlesen

Resistance, repentance and a sweet harvest

It was Palestinian Christians who taught me to see that Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem are real places whose histories shaped Jesus. His context, plagued by military, economic and cultural oppression, was not so different from the situation of... Weiterlesen

Faith, history and actions

Paraguay My name is Monika. I come from Paraguay, and I did a voluntary service in Nazareth Village . Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth, Israel. This museum recreates life of the first century and aims to show tourists the Nazareth... Weiterlesen

Blessed are the peacemakers

As Christians, we may look to our Bibles to interpret today’s realities in light of long ago promises. The answer to this question is different for each faith community, says Dorothy Jean Weaver. A Jewish community’s answers arise from the Hebrew... Weiterlesen

Further reading on CCC 39.1

More resources related to this issue Kairos Palestine A moment of truth Christ at the Checkpoint Bethlehem Bible College Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center Assembly 2022 webinars The Bible, the land and the Middle East conflict Evangelical... Weiterlesen

A jar of clay in God’s hands

Brazil Sometimes, it’s not an option to discuss difficult topics. Conflicts arise, but we can build something new instead of shattering the old. In 2011, the Mennonite Brethren church in Brazil (COBIM) faced difficult conversations. God had brought... Weiterlesen

From division to unification

India A brief description of the journey of the Bharatiya General Conference Mennonite Church from the darkness of the 7-year period of division to the light of unification. The division and reunification of the Bharatiya General Conference... Weiterlesen

The gospel with two hands: physical and spiritual development

Malawi “I am Yao,” says Madalistso Blessings Kaputa. That people group is regarded to be Muslim in Malawi. “Someone has reached me.” Chewa, Yao, Lome (major people groups in Malawi): they can all be part and parcel of this family of God, he says. As... Weiterlesen

Desire for renewal leads to split

Canada The Mennonite Brethren church began in the midst of significant change among Mennonites in what was then South Russia. It was in 1860 that some members in the Gnadenfeld Mennonite congregation in the Molotschna settlement petitioned their... Weiterlesen

Dealing with difference

Indonesia The churches of GITJ (Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa – Evangelical Church in the Land of Java), Indonesia, had been in conflict for some 22 years. This was largely because one group (with 24 member churches) was recognized by the Indonesian... Weiterlesen

How I envy you!

Some years ago, in my local congregation in Colombia, a friend said to me: “Oh! César, how I envy you!” Why? I asked her. “I work in a multinational company. I deal with a lot of stress because of ongoing conflicts and broken relationships with my... Weiterlesen

Prayer for unity

Switzerland In recent years, the Mennonite theological school Bienenberg Training Centre in Switzerland has offered a “Hot Topics” course, which gives voice to opposing perspectives on current hot topics in the churches. As they hear points they... Weiterlesen

“We need one another”

Meet Vikal Rao, Rajnandgaon, India. Member of the Deacons Commission . How do you serve MWC? I am serving officially as a member of the Deacons Commission (2018-2025). My journey with MWC started in 1997: I was a youth steward in the Global Church... Weiterlesen

Conflict in the church: Lessons from Acts 15

I grew up in a Mennonite congregation in Argentina. I remember the preaching and teaching on forgiveness and reconciliation both within the church family and also in relating with those outside the faith community. I also remember situations... Weiterlesen

Deep faith fills Bowls of Hope

When I think about hope, I am very thankful to have quite a long list to choose from where I see it. Here I will focus on how I see hope in my church through the community outreach and the youth – and how they intertwine.Weiterlesen

“If we do not give up…”

Acouple of years ago as we were swimming upstream against COVID-19, hope seemed to be hard to come by. I don’t know about your churches, but we were forced to dive into the deep end of the modern digital age – or rather bellyflop into it.Weiterlesen

Serving “the least significant of the brothers and sisters of Jesus”

Established in 1962, the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan (FOMCIT) is a conference of 24 congregations in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Hualien. It is a branch of Anabaptism, and a member of Asia Mennonite Conference and Mennonite World... Weiterlesen