Together proclaim the “manifold wisdom of God”

India The missionaries from USA started Mennonite mission work in central India, presently Chhattisgarh state in November 1899. They began with philanthropic works, providing relief to the drought-stricken people. The first baptism of 43 new... Weiterlesen

The brightest and best

Canada It was 20 years ago when my husband and I were mourning the messy demise of our church, which had destabilized during the renewalism of the 1990s. I felt both cynical and yet wistful, regarding the charismatic. In search of sanity, stability... Weiterlesen

Pentecostalism, Anabaptism and the Africa Christian climate

Zimbabwe Pentecostalism has become the most rapidly growing expression of Christianity in the world today. Anabaptists in the African context are not foreigners to this reality. The desire to break free from missionary control, or better put ‘a... Weiterlesen

Exuberance for the Spirit

Brazil For many Brazilian evangelicals, Pentecost is not a one-time event of the past. There is a clear awareness of the Spirit in daily life. About 70 percent of evangelical churches in Brazil are Pentecostal and the others are influenced by the... Weiterlesen

Worshipping a living and active Spirit

Germany My church journey in and out of Mennonite and Pentecostal traditions begins before I was born. Because of a thoughtless and frankly embarrassing comment from the pulpit toward her at age 15, my mother left the Mennonite church at the age of... Weiterlesen

Meet your Executive Committee

An Executive Committee is elected from the General Council and meets annually. Two members from each continental region are elected from the General Council; a president and vice-president are also elected by the General Council. A president-elect... Weiterlesen

Living out the gospel as received

Vietnam History There are two expressions of Anabaptism in Vietnam: Hội Thánh Mennonite Việt Nam (Vietnam Mennonite Church - VMC) was founded in 1964 by the Vietnam Mennonite Mission, a ministry of Eastern Mennonite Missions begun in 1957. After a... Weiterlesen

Connected by the Spirit

Assembly is a life changing experience. This event every six years was the “conference” in Mennonite World Conference for several decades. It remains a highlight for members around the world – both those who are working daily to foster connections... Weiterlesen

Joy in the midst of suffering

Gratitude to God and the global Anabaptist church fill my heart as I complete my term as MWC president. This planet-wide church has become my home, and the assembly in Indonesia will be a reunion, a gathering of siblings. In a world fractured by war... Weiterlesen

Wonder and witness, works and Word

Der pfingstlich-charismatische Einfluss auf die täuferisch-mennonitischen Bewegung Innerhalb der weltweiten täuferisch-mennonitischen Bewegung gibt es immer mehr Kirchen, die von der pfingstlich-charismatisch Bewegung geprägt sind. Und sie wachsen... Weiterlesen

Internal Dialogues

“Mennocostal” – Pentecostal Mennonites – may be the best characterization of most Anabaptists in Mennonite World Conference today. The influence of Pentecostalism in Mennonite congregations worldwide is an overwhelming reality. In their study of... Weiterlesen

Believe and be baptized!

These words of Jesus (Mark 16:16), repeated at Pentecost by the apostle Peter (Acts 2:38) inspire Anabaptists and spur us to action. “Baptism” is in our very name – and our practice is a key marker in our formation as a group of Christ followers... Weiterlesen

An occasion for confession and transformation

A focus on history can easily shade into hero worship – a focus on earthly figures rather than on Jesus, “the founder and perfector of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). Preserving historical memories can become a form of nostalgia, or a defense of the dead... Weiterlesen

A changed life

At a place where springs appear in the desert east of the Jordan River, a guide explains that this is where John baptized Jesus – at “Bethany beyond the Jordan” (John 1). Modern wooden structures stand where early Christians once built churches... Weiterlesen

Meet your MWC Officers

The Executive Committee delegates responsibility to the officers to provide oversight to the life and work of MWC between its annual meetings. president and vice-presiden t elected by the General Council, the general secretar y (ex officio)... Weiterlesen

To overcome obstacles in unanimity

Austria Mennonitischen Freikirche Österreich (MFÖ) / Mennonite Free Church of Austria The Mennonite Free Church in Vienna is the community in which I had the privilege of growing up. We are a small but incredibly family-oriented church, centred... Weiterlesen

Dialogue: “Through the Word”

“For those who do not want to believe, no argument is valid, and for those who want to believe, arguments are not necessary.” I shared that phrase (from an unknown author) with a friend in Ontario a few days ago. We talked about how difficult it is... Weiterlesen

Giving and Receiving within the Body of Christ

Following a 5-year conversation with theologians from the Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions, the Faith and Life Committee invited the members of Mennonite World Conference to consider our practices of Anabaptist together at Renewal 2027 in two... Weiterlesen

Baptism in a barrel

It is very difficult to go to the northern part of Ethiopia after the war broke out. Despite the security concerns, when I heard that members of our church in western Tigray were in difficult conditions, I organized a team. We would go there to show... Weiterlesen

“Believe and Be Baptized: A Global Conversation on Baptism”

Following a 5-year conversation with theologians from the Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions, the Faith and Life Committee invited the members of Mennonite World Conference to consider our practices of Anabaptist together at Renewal 2027 in two... Weiterlesen