What we do

What are our projects?

Our projects have to do with the needs of young people in the different continents that we represent.


They are:

  1. Communication and Social Media:

    We want to help young people in our global family communicate with each other better. Using the internet is the easiest way to be connected and to learn about each other and our stories from around the world. Currently we have a YABs page on Facebook, an Instagram account (@younganabaptists) and this space on the MWC website.

  2. Teaching Material:

    We are working on creating study material that reinforces our Anabaptist identity and that can be used by young people in their local contexts, regardless of country or language.
    See YABs Fellowship Week.

  3. Global Youth Summit 18+ (GYS):

    We plan the MWC Global Youth Summit, which takes place every six years shortly before the MWC Assembly Gathered. We also promote this important event in each of our continents.

How often do we meet?

We meet once a year, at the same time that the MWC Executive Committee meets. At these meetings we talk about:

  • How our work has gone in the past year
  • Discussions about YABs projects and the best way to move forward
  • We prepare and present a report to the MWC Executive Committee

It is important to also mention that we gather before and during each Global Youth Summit as part of the organizing team.