A jar of clay in God’s hands

Brazil Sometimes, it’s not an option to discuss difficult topics. Conflicts arise, but we can build something new instead of shattering the old. In 2011, the Mennonite Brethren church in Brazil (COBIM) faced difficult conversations. God had brought... 続きを読む

From division to unification

India A brief description of the journey of the Bharatiya General Conference Mennonite Church from the darkness of the 7-year period of division to the light of unification. The division and reunification of the Bharatiya General Conference... 続きを読む

The gospel with two hands: physical and spiritual development

Malawi “I am Yao,” says Madalistso Blessings Kaputa. That people group is regarded to be Muslim in Malawi. “Someone has reached me.” Chewa, Yao, Lome (major people groups in Malawi): they can all be part and parcel of this family of God, he says. As... 続きを読む

Desire for renewal leads to split

Canada The Mennonite Brethren church began in the midst of significant change among Mennonites in what was then South Russia. It was in 1860 that some members in the Gnadenfeld Mennonite congregation in the Molotschna settlement petitioned their... 続きを読む

Dealing with difference

Indonesia The churches of GITJ (Gereja Injili di Tanah Jawa – Evangelical Church in the Land of Java), Indonesia, had been in conflict for some 22 years. This was largely because one group (with 24 member churches) was recognized by the Indonesian... 続きを読む

How I envy you!

Some years ago, in my local congregation in Colombia, a friend said to me: “Oh! César, how I envy you!” Why? I asked her. “I work in a multinational company. I deal with a lot of stress because of ongoing conflicts and broken relationships with my... 続きを読む

Prayer for unity

Switzerland In recent years, the Mennonite theological school Bienenberg Training Centre in Switzerland has offered a “Hot Topics” course, which gives voice to opposing perspectives on current hot topics in the churches. As they hear points they... 続きを読む

“We need one another”

Meet Vikal Rao, Rajnandgaon, India. Member of the Deacons Commission . How do you serve MWC? I am serving officially as a member of the Deacons Commission (2018-2025). My journey with MWC started in 1997: I was a youth steward in the Global Church... 続きを読む

Conflict in the church: Lessons from Acts 15

I grew up in a Mennonite congregation in Argentina. I remember the preaching and teaching on forgiveness and reconciliation both within the church family and also in relating with those outside the faith community. I also remember situations... 続きを読む

Deep faith fills Bowls of Hope

When I think about hope, I am very thankful to have quite a long list to choose from where I see it. Here I will focus on how I see hope in my church through the community outreach and the youth – and how they intertwine.続きを読む

“If we do not give up…”

Acouple of years ago as we were swimming upstream against COVID-19, hope seemed to be hard to come by. I don’t know about your churches, but we were forced to dive into the deep end of the modern digital age – or rather bellyflop into it.続きを読む

Serving “the least significant of the brothers and sisters of Jesus”

Established in 1962, the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan (FOMCIT) is a conference of 24 congregations in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Hualien. It is a branch of Anabaptism, and a member of Asia Mennonite Conference and Mennonite World... 続きを読む

Living everyday is a miracle

Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. We’re unique in some ways but the same with the rest of African countries in some other ways. We’re a very poor country with a population of around 110 million.続きを読む

Meet MWC vice-president Lisa Carr-Pries

I am grateful for the global church. For many, it has years broadened my understanding of the world beyond my local context and has helped me raise my children to be globally conscious human beings. It definitely changed the course of my life and... 続きを読む

Hope was never lost

From the smallest to the biggest, they all wanted to help in different ways. All the conferences had a role to help what is going on in Ukraine. Some send funds, all pray, of course, and some even take initiative to bring relief supplies directly to... 続きを読む

We are peace-loving Mennonites

Dear MWC and Mennonite Church Canada, you are the angels sent by God to Myanmar. You fed us when we were hungry. When we are down, you comfort us. You help us when we are refugees. You bring us a ray of hope when we are hopeless.続きを読む

Hope takes action in despair

Yes, it’s been 77 years since Korea was divided into North and South Korea. The deep-rooted fear that comes from a history of war and the insecurity that comes from that fear have created a lot of different forms of despair続きを読む

Universally appealing core values

Meet Hiro Katano of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan Member of the Faith & Life Commission. How do you serve MWC? I have been a General Council member, representing Nihon Menonaito Kirisuto Kyokai Kyogikai (Japan Mennonite Christian Church Conference),... 続きを読む


In 2017, Mennonite World Conference began a series of events called Renewal . The original vision was organized with a view toward the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Anabaptist movement in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2025. It included several... 続きを読む

Renewal: the core of the gospel

Over the past 100 years, the world has changed immensely and at the same time, not so very much, says Henk Stenvers; both then and now, there is nationalism and polarization in church and society, and even war in Ukraine. As we prepare to mark 100... 続きを読む

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