What can I do to address world hunger?

Mennonite World Conference is one of 14 Christian organizations joining hands with World Vision International in prayer and action against world hunger. The third annual Weekend of Prayer and Action Against Hunger (#WoPA2023) is observed 14-16 October 2023, coinciding with World Food Day which falls on Monday, 16 October 2023. 

“We believe famine has no place in the 21st century and is entirely preventable,” says Tigist Tesfaye, secretary of MWC Deacons Commission. “Yet the world faces an unprecedented hunger crisis today. Wars and violence, rising costs, weather extremes and uneven recovery from the pandemic’s economic impact are putting 258 million people at risk. The United Nations’ World Food Program says 58 countries are in acute food insecurity as of end of 2022.” 

Action-oriented resources for Sunday service liturgy, biblical reflection on food and sharing of resources, videos and photos and children’s resources are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Download action against hunger resources here

“We call all Anabaptist-Mennonite churches to teach their congregations about the 10 Commandments of Food. This includes giving thanks for food and the people that grow and prepare it, eating in moderation, not wasting food, eating locally and sharing the gift of food with those who don’t have enough nutrition,” says Tigist Tesfaye. 

“We also call churches to take the week starting 16 October 2023 to support the MWC Global Church Sharing Fund, which supports local churches in addressing immediate needs in their church community, including food security,” says Tigist Tesfaye. 

Mennonite World Conference would love to hear how you and your church are taking action against world hunger! Post on social media with the hashtags #WoPA2023 and #mwcmm 

How can you take action against hunger 

At the individual level 

  • Commit to eating locally 
  • Do not waste food 
  • Eat in moderation 
  • Build relationships with farmers, farm workers and food workers – learn the triumphs and challenges in growing and delivering food to your table 
  • Support a local food bank or free meal programs 

At the congregation level 

  • Teach the 10 Commandments of Food 
  • Start or support initiatives that address food inequality in your community 
  • Promote sustainable farming practices 
  • Share the gift of food to others who don’t have enough nutrition 

Pray for governments to make food security, sustainable farming and food equity priorities in their policy agenda.   Pray for justice in food systems. Pray that corporate profits would not outweigh fair food pricing and equitable food distribution.