A weekend of prayer and action against hunger 2023

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Liturgy: Sharing food with the Hungry – Isaiah 58: 6-12

Conflict; an uneven global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic; the effects of climate change; high inflation; as well as the rising cost of food, fuel, and fertiliser are driving a polycrisis that is pushing tens of millions of girls, boys, and their families into extreme hunger.

The number of people affected by acute food insecurity has nearly doubled over the past three years, from 135 million people across 55 countries and territories in 2019 to a record 258 million in 58 countries in 2022 – even more than last year’s mid-year projection that, without urgent action, 222 million across 53 countries and territories could face ‘crisis’ (IPC 3) conditions or worse.

In the face of dire statistics, we know that hunger has a name…

  • Seven-month-old Hamdi weighed only 8.8 pounds in June when she arrived at a nurition clinic in Baidoa, Somalia. Health workers found her to have severe acute malnutrition,  exacerbated by acute watery diarrhea and measles. Drought in Somalia is not only impacting access to food.
  • Ten year old Peter in Kenya, whose family’s food supply has been impacted by drought and climate change.
  • 1-year old Nadia in Afghanistan, displaced and experiencing severe malnutrition.

Nadia, Hamdi and Peter found help and support...but the situation globally remains a significant challenge. And hunger is in every neighbourhood and community.

These realities are true in a world where there is enough to feed everyone....and so we pray for justice, for hearts to act and serve and for systems to change to take steps to end hunger.

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