Ministry partner update: ICOMB – July 2023

Introducing the Global Family 

Mennonite Brethren Church of Malawi 

ICOMB conference and MWC national member church 

Mennonite Brethren Church of Malawi, invites everyone to celebrate progress and join in prayers for a bright future. At the core of their mission lies a deep commitment to establishing holistic churches throughout Malawi. With great humility, they strive to plant churches that diligently attend to the spiritual needs of their communities while also embracing their physical, emotional, and social well-being. These humble places of worship radiate hope and illuminate even the remotest corners of Malawi. 

The missionaries who selflessly spread the Word of God beyond borders, reaching neighboring countries and faraway regions, are deeply appreciated. Their dedication and sacrifice have transformed lives and strengthened communities through the power of faith. 

Discipleship, rooted in humility, stands as a pillar of their work in Malawi. The church, drawing from collective wisdom, experiences growth not only in membership but also in spiritual maturity. As individuals and families humbly embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ, they witness personal and communal transformation fueled by the power of the gospel. 

In addition to spiritual growth, the Mennonite Brethren Church of Malawi recognizes the practical needs that require attention. With a humble spirit, they venture into the realm of agriculture, diligently working to promote food security by providing irrigation equipment and support to communities. They also remain steadfast in their commitment to ensuring access to quality education for children, empowering them for a brighter future. 

Building capacity is of utmost importance, and the Mennonite Brethren Church of Malawi approaches this task with humility. They invest in the training of church leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide sound biblical teaching. Through this effort, they strive to foster a culture of excellence and a deeper understanding of God’s Word, guided by the principles of the Mennonite Brethren community. 

Deep gratitude is extended to the beloved partners, the Mennonite Brethren, for their unwavering support through ICOMB. Their generosity and dedication have had an immeasurable impact, enabling remarkable feats to be accomplished in Malawi and beyond. 

On behalf of the Malawi Conference, prayers are sincerely requested. Known and unforeseen challenges require divine intervention. You can pray for the leaders of the country, that they may be granted wisdom, humility, and a deep commitment to long-term planning based on biblical principles. Their decisions should prioritize the well-being of the people and guide the nation towards prosperity and sustainability. 

Pray for a spirit of long-term planning to permeate the hearts of the leaders. Vision and discernment are needed to implement sustainable solutions that address the root causes of poverty, population growth, and agricultural challenges. Divine guidance is sought to anticipate future obstacles and make decisions that yield lasting positive outcomes. 

Economic development stands as an essential component in the journey towards a brighter future. With heartfelt prayers, they seek the advancement of trade, industry, and entrepreneurship in Malawi. They ask for God’s blessings upon their efforts, providing opportunities for job creation and financial stability while uplifting individuals and communities out of poverty. Through sustainable economic growth, hope and dignity can be brought to the people of Malawi. 

In their pursuit of progress, the Mennonite Brethren Church of Malawi humbly acknowledges the importance of education and healthcare. Pray for improved access to quality education, breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations. Pray for God’s wisdom and resources to be bestowed upon the government and relevant organizations, empowering them to invest in educational initiatives that uplift children. Prayers are also offered for enhanced healthcare services, ensuring better access to essential medical care, disease prevention, and comprehensive support for those affected by HIV/AIDS. 

With humble recognition of the central role of family, prayers are invited for strength and resilience among families in Malawi. They ask for prayers that parents be equipped with the necessary skills and resources to provide for their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. They also pray for restoration and healing where family structures have been broken, and for the nurturing of healthy relationships and positive role models within the communities. 

Lastly, prayers are requested for religious leaders. As Christianity flourishes as the largest population in Malawi, they are asked to embody humility and unwavering faith. May they stand as humble servants of the true God, seeking His guidance and wisdom in all aspects of their work and endeavors. 

An invitation is extended to all who are free to come and witness firsthand the incredible work that God is doing in their beloved nation. 

With hearts full of gratitude, they pray for God’s continued blessings upon Malawi, its people, and all those who support their journey towards a brighter future. 

Praise God. Amen. 

—ICOMB update July 2023 

The International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) is made up of 22 national churches in 19 countries. ICOMB also has associate members in more than 20 countries, all at different points along the pathway to full membership. ICOMB exists to facilitate relationships and ministries to enhance the witness and discipleship of its member national churches - connecting, strengthening and expanding.