Season of Creation – 2


Give us the power to trust each other
and to choose the sustainable way
that frees your creation from distress.

Give us the power to share knowledge
and to seek for sustainable solutions
that allow future generations to live on

Give us the power to cooperate
to take decisions and actions
that bear fruit sustainably.

Give us the power
through your Holy Spirit

You who saw that it was good.

On the day after tomorrow as in the beginning.

For your kingdom come
and your glory shine
for ever.


This prayer is taken from the book Dancing with the golden frog: Global Warming and the Lord’s prayer, by Herman Heijn, pastor at Doopsgezinde Gemeente Haarlem, Netherlands. Submitted by Creation Care Task Force member Rebecca Froese, a member of Mennonite Church Hamburg-Altona, Germany.

Christians across the world are walking in spirit toward care for creation. This #SeasonofCreation celebration takes place 1 September to 4 October 2020.

Season of Creation prayers


Creation care Survey

We need your input!

The Creation Care Task Force requests that you take the creation care survey; we need your input! As the task force begins our work, it is important we hear from you, as a congregation within Mennonite World Conference, about issues of creation care such as climate change. Your feedback is critical as we create a plan to work on creation care issues which churches feel are most important, and as we provide resources for churches who want to engage with issues like climate change and other forms of environmental degradation which impact our congregations. Please take about 15 minutes individual, or together with other members of your congregation, to fill out this survey. Your input is highly valued; thank you for participating!

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