How the Assembly Hub crosses barriers of space

“It’s not the planned things that change us; it’s the encounters,” says Benjamin Isaak-Krauß, a two-time Assembly participant from Germany. Online participants find space for those barrier-crossing encounter at Mennonite World Conference’s event in the Assembly Hub. 

Event programs can be inspiring; however, the moments that make life change are often spontaneous connections over food or in workshops. “It’s a mix between choice and chance,” says Benjamin Isaak-Krauß. 

In the Assembly Hub, under the “Community” tab, participants can click “Discussions” to join 6-7 others. In this chat interface, participants can discuss across barriers of space and language (with the help of translation software). 

Like a coffee break at an in-person event, the time in these rooms is limited to keep conversations fresh.   

For those with video capacity, “instant networking” offers a five-minute video call with a single person.  

Or participants can send a person-to-person instant message through the app.  

“I look forward to conversations with you in chat spaces – serious ones about theology and lighthearted discussions of food and culture,” says Natacha Wendyam Kendrebeogo, YAMEN participant on the Assembly registration team. “What would you like to discuss with a global Anabaptist?”

Registration has perks: take in ALL of Assembly 

Online attendance at Assembly 17 is so much more than a YouTube video. Registration for Assembly 17 provides an all-access pass through the Assembly Hub! 

  • Take part in morning and evening sermons, greetings from ecumenical guests, worship singing with the international choir. 
  • ​Attend workshop presentations.  
  • Watch video activities from the children and teen/youth program. 
  • Join a chat room to converse live with brothers and sisters from around the world.  
  • Read stories and watch blogs about the service projects, host churches in Indonesia, and attendees at Assembly. 

All videos and stories will remain accessible until 30 September.


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