After Zoom, prayers carry on

Online Prayer Hour doesn’t end when the hour does. Not only do participants in Mennonite World Conference’s bimonthly prayer meeting continue for another 15 minutes – greeting each in other in a pandemonium of languages – they also carry prayers back to their local congregations. 

On 18 March 2022, participants in breakroom rooms prayed in English, Spanish, French, Hindi and Indonesian. 

  • Participants from Canada, USA and the Philippines prayed for openness to the gospel. From USA, Germany, the Netherlands and India, they prayed for safety as pandemic restrictions relax. 
  • Many prayed about the conflict in Ukraine: its potential to reduce food security in Africa; language challenges for Ukrainian-speaking refugees to find a safe place; trauma healing for both Ukrainian and Russian people.  
  • Vikal Rao prayed for Mennonite Christian Service Fellowship of India. The government removed the registration of the association of Anabaptist-Mennonite mission and relief organizations from eight national churches in India and one in Nepal. 
  • Madhur Lakra prayed for wisdom not to fall into the trap of disinformation and false teaching that is easily spread on the internet.  
  • Afonso Alexander prayed for refugees from Myanmar, some of whom have landed in Indonesia.  
  • Sarah Yetty prayed for a good transition as congregations shift from primarily online gatherings to meeting in person.  
  • Barbara Nkala prayed for an upcoming mass fellowship gathering in Uganda.  
  • Tri Gunanto prayed for wisdom and strength for MWC leaders, especially for the Assembly plans. 

“The spirit of joy is so palpable: joy of being together with Christ followers from around the world; wonder at simply being together,” says Hedy Sawadsky, a member of First Mennonite Church, Vineland, Ontario, Canada. A long-time peace activist, now in her early 90s, she was pleased to connect with faithful disciples in their own parts of the world.  

“There were no walls diving what we prayed for; there was a truly global approach to the prayer points.”  

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