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Like the chambers of a heart, the four MWC commissions serve the global community of Anabaptist-related churches, in the areas of Deacons, Faith and Life, Peace, Mission. Commissions prepare materials for consideration by the General Council, give guidance and propose resources to member churches, and facilitate MWC-related networks or fellowships working together on matters of common interest and focus.

We cannot do this alone

Get to know a Commission member
Lydia Christina Adi, Faith & Life Commission

MWC’s theme for 2021 is Together in Christ.

The Faith and Life Commission helps MWC member churches to share counsel on Christian faith and practice, represents MWC in ecumenical relationships, and promotes Anabaptist-Mennonite witness in the world today.

How does this commission practice being together in Christ?

We discuss, research and provide resources on Christian faith and witness according to the convictions we hold, providing biblical foundation for our churches.

For example, in June 2021, secretary John D. Roth and chair Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld taught on baptism at the Renewal 2021 webinars.

Why are you pleased to serve on this commission?

It is a great honour to be a part of the Faith and Life Commission because I can take part in gathering the resources believers need to stand firm, especially during difficult times like this pandemic.

I am also looking forward to writing and researching about practices in Indonesia and other countries that churches have questions about.

What is the name of your local church?

Jemaat Kristen Indonesia Maranatha (JKI Maranatha) in Ungaran, Central Java, Indonesia

How do you serve the Mennonite church in your daily life outside of your commission work?

For the JKI synod, I serve as the International Relations Representative.

My husband Anton K. Sidharta and I serve in the National Advisory Council in preparation for MWC Assembly 17 – Indonesia 2022.

In the past, I have helped share, recruit and find hosts for Mennonite Central Committee’s volunteer exchange programs (YAMEN, IVEP, SALT), and Mennonite Mission Network’s Journey mission program to Indonesia.

For the JKI synod, my husband and I also serve on the Digitalization Team.

Unlimited Fire Youth. Through a conversation that started at Global Youth Summit in Paraguay 2009 where I attended as a delegate, my husband and I started a conference to equip the youth leaders from our synod. Through our annual conference, radio program, reflections, podcasts, networking, worship songs and workshops, we create spaces where young people can encounter God’s love and be trained as they are plugged into local churches and communities.

JKI Maranatha. At my local church, I serve on the creative team in multimedia and events.

How do you experience togetherness in the body of Christ in your daily life?

Peter had hopelessly fished all night and caught nothing. Then, a miracle happened as Peter obeyed Jesus’ words to cast the net on the other side. They caught such a large number of fish that they needed to ask for help from other boats.

In the same way, we cannot serve alone. We need our friends to help us “catch” the people who need to know Jesus. Together, we can disciple this next generation and make God’s name known.

When the pandemic came to Indonesia, suddenly many people were jobless at home. Some could not afford food and the medication when COVID-19 hit and they needed to self-isolate. Our church home groups took turns sending food, vitamins and supplies every day. We supported families needing money for internet connection, laptops and phones. Sometimes all we could do was lend our Zoom account to the local school for class or to host a COVID Zoom funeral.

It was a hard time and still is. We have found God’s strength through one another. Sometimes, it just took a short video call to restore someone’s faith.

In July, when COVID-19 hit our home, we experienced the love of neighbours, friends, leaders and community sending us medicine, home tests, food hung on our fence, daily voice notes with prayers and encouragement and people connecting us to the right doctors and specialists. It was the whole body of Christ taking care of one part of the body that was hurting until it is made whole again.

In what way has being part of MWC affected your local congregation(s)? 

Being a part of MWC has broadened the experience of many Indonesians, especially from small towns.

Youth and families had a chance to connect with guests from all over the world, learning about other cultures and introducing Indonesian culture.

Some youth could never even dream about setting foot outside of Indonesia, yet the MWC and MCC programs open opportunity to experience God’s goodness in another country or to connect with someone from another country here in Indonesia.

It really brings colour to our churches.

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