Learning Together - Evening Plenary: 6 July 2022

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Assembly Gathered: Following Jesus – learning together
6 July 2022

Master of ceremonies: Danang Kristiawan, Indonesia
Prayers: Indah Seftyaningrum, Indonesia; H. N. Widi Susabda, Indonesia
Reflection: Hani Yopita Setiawan
Testimony & prayer: José Arrais, Portugal (Video from Ukraine)
Scripture (Matthew 7:24-27): Malin Voth, USA
Music: Congdut GITJ Jepara feat Islamic Sufi’s Community
Special focus: Global Youth Summit, Gaëlle Oesch, France
Speaker: Salomé Haldemann, France (presented by Anne Hansen, Germany)

GITJ Jepara is located in a regional city known for woodcarving and proximity to beaches. The congregation is active in preservation of Javanese language and culture and in interfaith relations with a nearby Sufi school.

Assembly Indonesia 2022

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