Executive Committee

An Executive Committee is elected from the General Council and meets annually. Two members from each continental region are elected from the Council; a President and Vice-President are also elected by the Council. The Treasurer and General Secretary are also members of the Executive Committee.

  • General Secretary: César García (Colombia)
  • President: J. Nelson Kraybill (United States)
  • Vice-President: Rebecca Osiro (Kenya)
  • Treasurer: Sunoko Lin (United States/Indonesia)
Africa representatives
  • Steven Mang’ana (Tanzania)
  • Thuma Hamukang'andu (Zambia)
Asia/Pacific representatives
  • Paul Phinehas (India), 
  • Agus Setianto (Indonesia)
Caribbean, Central and South America representatives
  • Sandra Campos Cruz (Costa Rica)
  • Dario Ramirez (Paraguay)
Europe representatives
  • Jean-Paul Peterschmitt (France)
  • Rainer Burkart (Germany) 
North America representatives
  • Lisa Carr Pries (Canada)
  • Iris de León Hartshorn (United States)

(From left): Sunoko Lin, César García, Thuma Hamukang’andu, Lisa Carr Pries, Rebecca Osiro, Paul Phinehas, Rainer Burkart, Dario Ramirez, Steven Mang’ana, Jean-Paul Peterschmitt, Agus Setianto. Missing from photo:  J. Nelson Kraybill, Sandra Campos Cruz, Iris de León Hartshorn.