"Sharing best practices of the Good Dear Child and Youth Development Project"

We will learn from the best practices of self-help groups in the Child and Youth Development Project of Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) in Ethiopia.
The speakers: Mr Abdi Dubale (Project Director) and Mr Dejene Gurmessa (Project Coordinator) will introduce their ministry. Mr Dubale has a MA degree in Bible theology and a BSc degree in Development & Agriculture. Mr Gurmessa has a MA degree in Business Administration and a BA degree in Anthropology.

After the presentation we will have a chance to reflect with them and ask our questions. We will also share our own experiences with other GASN members.

The webinar will be in English with interpretation into Spanish and French. 

Global Anabaptist Service Network (GASN)

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GASN Terms of Reference

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