AWFS 2024 Children’s story and activity

Mosaics are beautiful pictures made from colorful tiles of different shapes and sizes. Help children make an inspiring piece of art that they can share with family and friends with this mosaic activity. 

Explain the meaning of this mosaic to the children at the start of the activity, and again at the end of the activity:  

This heart is made of many different little pieces, and it is like our church. There are lots of different people, and they all look differently and act differently and think differently, and yet together we are one church where God’s love is shared by all.  


  • Pencil or marker to draw the heart
  • Various kinds of colourful paper (e.g., construction paper, wrapping paper, old greeting cards, magazines, fabric, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue 

1. Have each child draw a large heart on one solid colour piece of paper. Or, provide paper with the hearts already drawn on the paper for each child. 

2. Provide colourful paper for the children to cut into small pieces. They could all be the same size and shape and colour, but if they are in different sizes and shapes and colours it would help illustrate the diversity of MWC. Help the children to plan or design for what they will put into the heart. 

3. Have the children put glue on the back of each little piece of paper, and glue them to the heart and all over the paper, in whatever plan or design the child wants.  

4. Read Galatians 3:28 and show a map of the world or the MWC map (interactive: OR

a. Talk together about the different kinds of people in the world and in MWC. 

b. Talk together about what it would be like if the world were only made up of children, or only of adults. Do you know people who are different from you? Why is it sometimes hard to get along with people who have different ways of doing things or different ideas from yours? Have you ever felt left out? How did that feel? Have you ever reached out to someone who was alone or not participating?  

c. Talk about what the Galatians verse means when he says that we are all one in Christ. Explain about MWC and how it brings together people who are very different to all worship God and learn together how to follow Jesus. 

AWFS 2024