Peace Sunday 2023 – Activities

  • Worship Resource
Bethel Mennonite Church in Balodgahan, India celebrates Peace Sunday 2022. Photo: Ashish Milap 

Community Mapping

Creating a social “family” tree 

Purpose: to highlight the many and broad social connections that we as communities of faith have.  

  • In advance: create, out of construction paper, a tree trunk with a few branches. Tape or attach the tree trunk on to a wall. 
    • Create larger branches that can symbolize members of the faith community. 
    • Create smaller branches for communities church members are connected to (e.g., school, another congregation or church structure, other church ministries, workplaces, etc.) 
    • Out of paper, form leaves of many colours  
  • Invite members to add their name to a branch. 
    • From those branches, each member can then begin to highlight the different social connections that they may have. 
  • Use leaves to highlight specific people to whom one is connected through the different “branches”. Take the time to validate the things that have or can cause chaos. 

Hopefully this result in a beautiful, wide, vibrant and colourful tree that expands across the wall, highlighting the many connections the church community has. 

With permission, send your story and photo to to share with the global Anabaptist family. 

Lacao Mennonite Bible Church in Lumban, Laguna (IMC - Philippines) celebrates Peace Sunday in 2022 by singing international songs and creating the peace garden (suggested activity from the worship resource) where members write on the fruits and vegetables about “how we can make an impact in the community.” Photo: Regina Mondez