Ecumenical peace witness across Europe

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Indonesia 2022: Workshop

Rethinking security, welcoming the marginalized, interfaith cooperation – peace church witness takes different forms. The ecumenical network Church and Peace brings together and encourages those working on peace and reconciliation in their contexts across Europe. Hear about current examples and themes and join the discussion on steps forward.

Presenters: Lydia Funck, Anthony Gwyther, Zaira Zafarana and Karina Knight-Spencer.

Lydia is a Mennonite from Germany and General Secretary of the European peace church network "Church and Peace" which brings together Christians from a wide range of church traditions from across Europe ( Anthony Gwyther lives in Germany is a member of the Base Community Wulfshagenerhütten (, Zaira Zafarana from Italy is working for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation in Geneva ( and Karina Knight-Spencer from France is coordinator of Stop Fuelling War (

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