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Transmission is the title given to a series of 5 films of 10 minutes which present Anabaptist thought to people around the world to encourage a life of faith created by Affox AG, a multimedia production company. We would like to do this by providing a glimpse at the journeys we experience as disciples of Jesus in different parts of the world. It is our hope however, to strengthen our sense of shared identity and community in the midst of all the diversity present throughout the Anabaptist body. Young people represent one of the important target audiences.

Transmission Ethiopia 2020 introduces its audiences to the Meserete Kristos Church through their experience with persecution (and freedom of religion), spiritual maturity, the place of youth in the church, the importance of music and prayer life. In this case, Salomé, a French young adult reflects (after her return to France from her visit to Ethiopia), on what she learned from her peers and elders in the church. 

We hope to gain a young generation of people who will be involved in making the next in the series and the final 90-minute documentary which we hope to expand to a secular audience in 2025. For the moment, we are targeting the Christian world.

Find also a study guide for sharing questions about the film in small group or youth groups. Click here for the English version.

Video in English, Spanish, French, German, Amharic subtitles

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