Global Anabaptist Health Network (GAHN)

The Global Anabaptist Health Network (GAHN) is reaching out to organizations that have been loosely affiliated with us through Mennonite World Conference or referral from other partner organizations.  Since GAHNs inception in 2015 at the MWC Assembly in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Coordinating Committee was formed and, today, continues to work on building the network.

GAHN is inviting you to share in our work so that we can be a truly global and supportive community of healthcare providers and organizations. 

Regarding GAHN:

Vision and Mission

GAHN's vision is to be an international network of health institutions and health professionals that strengthens the witness of the Anabaptist community of faith, providing mutual encouragement, sharing through peer learning, and fostering institutional and professional partnerships.  The mission is to connect, communicate, and collaborate on ministries of common interest in the name of Christ.


GAHN's desire is to be a network of health institutions and individuals who incarnate the values and shared convictions of the Mennonite World Conference as adopted by Mennonite World Conference General Council in 2006.


GAHN envisions the following benefits for network members:

  • Connect with other network members and learn about health innovations and best practices adapted through virtual workshops and seminars. 
  • Participate in health partnerships and joint ventures with other network members.
  • Secure advice from other network members to address real health issues and opportunities in organizational and professional life.
  • Strengthen the collective voice and influence of the Anabaptist community in larger Christian, interfaith, and secular health and development circles. 

Network Connections

GAHN envisions connecting more Anabaptist Health organizations and professionals through FacebookGAHN's website, an e-newsletter, global and regional health conferences, educational exchanges/tours, webinars and other means that members request.  To best do so, we need up-to-date information on your organization and how to best contact you.  And if you are not already connected with us through our Facebook group, please join us to easily and quickly share resources and information.

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