Meet MWC vice-president Lisa Carr-Pries

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An Executive Committee is elected from the General Council and meets annually. Two members from each continental region are elected from the Council; a President and Vice-President are also elected by the Council. The Treasurer and General Secretary are also members of the Executive Committee. 

Meet vice-president Lisa Carr-Pries, appointed in 2022.  

1. What does it mean for MWC to be a communion of churches? 

I am grateful for the global church. For many, it has years broadened my understanding of the world beyond my local context and has helped me raise my children to be globally conscious human beings. It definitely changed the course of my life and deepened my faith and spirituality. I have hope for the relevance of the Anabaptist church for the transformation of each person’s life. 

2. How do I pray for the global church? 

I pray that our global churches will be a witness of hope to the world where despair and violence reign. 

3. What is your hope that the church will accomplish in the next 5 years? 

That we continue to celebrate our unity in Christ by celebrating the gift of our diversity in our theologies, backgrounds, cultures and in faithful discipleship. 

4. What are you reading that gives hope to the global church? 

I read daily the meditations that come from the Center for Action and Contemplation. I strongly believe that we as Jesus’ followers need to have equal parts of action and contemplation in our Christian walk.

“We need both action and contemplation to have a whole spiritual journey…. Action may lead you to contemplation and contemplation may lead you to action. But finally, they need and feed each other.” (CAC Daily Meditation, May 13, 2016) 

5. How do you serve your local congregation? 

I love to lead worship and music in my local congregation. I delight in creating worship services that have the congregational members engaging their whole beings as they come to be part of a community of faith that practices faithful living. 

6. What is your professional training? 

I have a bachelor of church music, a bachelor of theology and a master of theology. I am a lifelong learner and have pursued additional courses and received a certificate in spiritual direction and a certificate in conflict management and congregational leadership. I have loved being a pastor for most of my adult life.  

Courier July 2023

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