MWC is people-centred 

People are at the heart of the worldwide community of faith that is Mennonite World Conference. “Our global community is itself the message,” declares MWC’s Reference Notebook in section 7.2. “As a church, our overall administrative approach is pastoral and people-centred instead of institution-centred.” 

With the latest Assembly now in the realm of memory, there are shifts in MWC staff. 

Bruce Campbell-Janz (announced earlier here) steps into the role of Chief Development Officer. He leads a team of volunteer consultants (Bill Braun – USA, Janet Plenert – Canada, David Martin – Canada) and J Ron Byler as development executive.  

After a brief service as information technology and development coordinator, Greg Chandler Burns is moving on to other opportunities. Preshit Rao remains on the MWC team as information and technology coordinator. He previously served with the Assembly registration team. Preshit Rao is a member of Rajnandgaon Mennonite Church, India.   

Having overseen MWC visual identity for several years, Irma Sulistyorini joins the communications team full-time in August 2022. A member of GKMI (Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia) Kudus, Indonesia, Irma Sulistyorini is an experienced graphic designer who also served Mennonite Church Canada as an International Volunteer Exchange Program intern.  

With Henk Stenvers taking on the role of MWC president, Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle becomes the first woman from the Global South to serve as a Commission secretary (Deacons). Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle is a youth leader and a member of Debub Meserete Kristos Church. She served as Africa representative on the MWC YABs Committee (2011-2015) and as YABs mentor (2015-2022).  

Ebenezer Mondez has been appointed YABs mentor, a staff role to advise and monitor the work of the YABs Committee. Trained in field of communication and technology, Ebenezer Mondez is a member of Lumban Mennonite Church, the Philippines. 

Changes in the regional representatives team will be announced in September 2022. 

Updated 30 August 2022

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