Anabaptist songs

  • Worship Resource

The working group and project “Chant Anabaptiste” (anabaptist singing) began at the MWC Assembly in Asunción, Paraguay, 2009.

The working group has met twice a year or more since then. It offers a calendar with scripture references for worship and music suggestions and arranges for articles on songs for the French monthly “Christ Seul”.  The website site aims to :

  • create a link between people  interested in community singing or personal approach
  • encourage reflection on the place of singing in worship planning
  • Invite reflection on the message a song conveys
  • allow a judicious choice of songs according to the different moments of the liturgical year, the biblical text meditated on, the community or personal situation experienced
  • inform on the organization of music writing and composing workshops
  • participate in the reflection on the creation of a collection of Anabaptist songs in French.

In this perspective, the working group seeks above all to play a facilitating role.