"Sharing best practices of the Good Dear Child and Youth Development Project"

We will learn from the best practices of self-help groups in the Child and Youth Development Project of Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) in Ethiopia. The speakers: Mr Abdi Dubale (Project Director) and Mr Dejene Gurmessa (Project Coordinator) will... आगे पढ़ें

Mission and service workers: ambassadors of peace

How do our churches and service agencies work together? How does the gospel illuminate our witness in our context? How do we make explicit the invitation to follow Jesus as part of our social and mission work? How do we bring our justice witness to... आगे पढ़ें

The Holy Spirit transforms prison

“My members are rapists, kidnappers, murders and fraudsters – all washed by the blood of Jesus our Lord,” says pastor Ignacio Chamorro Ramírez. Chamorro is director of an integrated transformation program and pastor of La Libertad (“freedom”) church... आगे पढ़ें