Panama Mennonites request prayer for land struggle

Panama – A request for prayer for land struggle was the main request that a Mennonite World Conference delegation heard in a February 2015 visit with church and indigenous community leaders in Panama. Leaders of the MWC member church, Iglesia... more/más/suite

Using violence against violence? Statement from a peace church perspective

In the face of the terror caused by the IS militias in Iraq and Syria, Western nations have reacted with air strikes and deliveries of weapons. A reaction that, given the atrocities described, has been widely accepted – also increasingly in churches... more/más/suite

MWC responds to urgent appeal from Middle East churches

Bogota, Colombia – In response to urgent appeals from the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Community in Syria and Lebanon and from the Middle East Council of Churches, Mennonite World Conference issued a call for “a shower of prayer, solidarity... more/más/suite

Colombian peace group lends support to South Korean conscientious objector

Bogotá, Colombia – For Jenny Neme, director of Colombian Mennonite organization Justapaz (Just Peace), recent support for South Korean conscientious objector San-Ming Lee was a natural occurrence. It sprung out, she said, of an attempt to “seek... more/más/suite