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New staff join MWC 

“Anabaptism is a global movement. But how do we create channels for relationship within a global body, and how do we allow the diversity of this body to shape understandings of “Anabaptist” identity and theology?” says Anicka Fast

A new era begins for the Faith and Life Commission in 2023 with Anicka Fast as secretary starting in April.  

She is seconded to Mennonite Mission Network as a Specialist in church history and missiology for francophone Africa. In that role, she teaches courses in church history at francophone theological institutions in West and Central Africa, and mentors and trains African Mennonite historians. Currently MCC co-representative to Burkina Faso, as of April she will be seconded to MWC while remaining an MCC service worker.  

She has a PhD in theology (with a focus on mission history) from Boston University (USA) and is Visiting Researcher at Boston University Center for Global Christianity and Mission and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism at Goshen College. 

Holding Canadian and Dutch citizenship, she lives in Burkina Faso with her husband and two daughters.  

“The Faith and Life Commission offers space to hear stories of how Anabaptists around the world have contributed to the church’s mission and have worked out questions of theology and practice in their contexts,” says Anicka Fast. “With other Commission members, I look forward to exploring how these powerful stories can transform our identity and can renew us in our relationships with each other and with the universal church.” 

John Roth has resigned as secretary of the Faith & Life Commission to serve the Anabaptism at 500 project, although he will continue to co-organize events for Renewal 2028.  

Ashisha Lal comes to the Kitchener office as bookkeeper and development assistant after completing a post-graduate certificate of global business management at Conestoga College. Originally from Katghora Mennonite Church, BGCMC, India, she first lived in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on Mennonite Central Committee’s International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) to serve at Thrift on Kent (2017-2018). 

“I have always wanted to be part of spreading and giving the gift of love and peace, helping people see hope through Christ. Working with MWC gives me a chance to do that in the global community,” says Ashisha Lal.  

Serving as network coordinator and logistics liaison (GAPN, GAEN, GASN, GMF, GAHN*), Magali Moreno returns to MWC in December 2022. Rebekah Doerksen resigned as GASN, GMF and GAEN coordinator in November, and Andrés Pacheco Lozano resigned from GAPN to become chair of the Peace Commission. From Paraguay, Magali Moreno first served with MWC as office manager in the MWC Asuncion office before the 2009 Assembly followed by a year in the Strasbourg office in an administrative role, and she assisted with the transition of the general secretariat from Strasbourg, France, to Bogotá, Colombia. She served as registration manager for PA 2015.  

In the past, I was blessed in many respects by connecting with my large family of faith, and reconnecting with them once again is just a privilege,” says Magali Moreno.  

“Changes bring fresh opportunities. We welcome the tremendous gifts these women bring to our staff team,” says César García, MWC general secretary. “John Roth dedicated many years to the global family through MWC. We know we will continue to learn from him through the Anabaptism at 500 project. And we are grateful to continue to work with Andrés in his new capacity as Peace Commission chair.”  

GAEN  Global Anabaptist Education Networks 
GAHN  Global Anabaptist Health Network 
GAHEN Global Anabaptist Higher Education Network 
GAPN  Global Anabaptist Peace Network 
GAPSEN  Global Anabaptist Primary/ Secondary Education Network 
GASN  Global Anabaptist Service Network 
GMF  Global Mission Fellowship 

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