Check your inbox: MWC publishes Courier by email only

“These is an extraordinary time we are living in, but we remain confident that Jesus Christ is our hope, no matter what life brings,” says MWC general secretary César García.

Due to the global economic slowdown and the challenges of moving mail around the world while nearly all countries are in lockdown, MWC leaders made the difficult decision not to print and mail the April 2020 issue of Courier.

The April 2020 issue of Courier, focusing on ecumenical dialogue, is available for download on our website.

The issue features the teaching resource “A Theology of Interchurch Hospitality and Denominational Identity,” approved by the General Council in 2018; stories from around the world of local ecumenical relations; a profile of the Anabaptist church in the Caribbean region and of the Global Anabaptist Service Network (GASN); and Assembly News #3.

“We apologize to our readers that they are not receiving this issue in print as they are accustomed,” says Interim Communications Officer Elina Ciptadi. “Many subscribers are able to receive an electronic copy, but some will miss having a print copy.”

Please email have an electronic copy mailed to you.

—a Mennonite World Conference release

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