Called to justice: Mennonite churches respond to migration crisis in Mexico

The Bible invites us to remember that the people of Israel were also strangers; they were captives and were deported,” says Carlos Martínez, Conferencia de Iglesias Evangélicas Anabautistas Menonitas de México. Click here.

YABs Fellowship Week 2017

This year our theme is centered around one of the Shared Convictions as Anabaptist-related churches within MennoniteWorld Conference: 18-25 June 2017. Click here


A miracle in Haiti

 As Hurricane Matthew bore down on Haiti in October 2016, labour pains were bearing down on Seurette, wife of pastor Jean Mario Marelin. Without the assistance of a midwife, she safely delivered her baby despite the damage the house was taking on during the birth.  Click here.


MWC Year in Review: 2016

What was happening in Mennonite World Conference in 2016? Click here.