MWC Year in Review: 2018

Transformed by the Holy Spirit. On World Fellowship Sunday, share this video about how we worked together for peace and justice in the power of the Holy Spirit in 2018. Click here

Aid to displaced people makes a difference

Strengthened by emergency food, 700 families displaced by violence in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) are preparing to plant crops and to raise pigs to support themselves. Click here

The Lord came near

I was born as the third daughter at a Buddhist Zen temple in 1934. My father trained at Eiheiji Temple, the headquarters of the Sotoshu a sect of Zen. Click here

Migrant solidarity in the Honduran church

Migration is shifting populations around the globe. Churches are affected as they lose members to migration and gain opportunities to live out the gospel among people on the move. Click here