Interconnected family celebrates peace

Peace (English) – Paix (French) – Amani (Swahili) – Mirembe (Luganda): children at a Uganda Mennonite church wrote “Peace” in multiple languages. (See photo below.)

Each year, the Peace Commission prepares a worship resource for Peace Sunday. Organized around a new theme each year, the package includes a Scripture focus, prayers, an activity and a teaching resource.  

Congregations around the world select useful portions of these resources to adapt for their own worship. 

CEM congregations from the Mbujimayi district gathered at Sangilayi parish for a joint service of reconciliation. “Our joy was all the greater because CEM members have been happily living in the peace of the Lord after a long period of leadership conflicts,” says Jean Felix Cimbalanga, president of CEM (Communauté Évangélique Mennonite). 


In small groups, members of Iglesias Hermanos Menonitas in Soacha, Colombia, interceded for each of the prayer points found in the worship resource package.  

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(Pictured, l-r) Reverend Pastor Jean-Pierre Muya, general secretary and legal representative of the Communauté Mennonite au Congo (CMCo); Robert Irundu, administrative and financial secretary of the CMCo (blue suit); and Mozart Muzembe, church cantor; planted a mango tree on the church grounds. “It’s a symbol of peace and unity, because we’re all part of God’s family.” says Simon Kashal Tshiey. “This tree will soon unite everyone through its fruit and shade.”  


“Through the celebration of Peace Sunday, we got encouragement to become a witness of God’s peace in our daily life,” says Ashish Milap, pastor of Bethel Mennonite Church, Balogdogan, India.  

International Mennonite volunteers Elizabeth Joy Nalliyah from the USA (SALT) and Luyando Munangobe of Zambia (YAMEN) were special guests at Bethel’s service. “This has surely united and encouraged us to know that we are one large family,” says Ashish Milap.  

Mr. Amos Ganjboir along with Rajendra Masih, Shoshanna and some church youths worked on a tree poster for the worship service. Attaching their leaves to the branches helps the congregation understand that “everyone in this family is important and connected to each other. And their family is bigger than they may think,” says Ashish Milap. 


Wincy Wan of Hong Kong Mennonite shared stories from the Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference of “how our righteous father is using MWC to transform injustices”. A member of the Peace Commission, she challenged the congregation: “How do we share peace and love to our neighbours? Can we be alert to trauma around us? Can we walk in companionship with suffering people”? 

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On Peace Day 2023, Rev. Maira Benjamin Migire, a pastor from Kanisa la Mennonite Tanzania, joined a dialogue with Christian and Muslim leaders about peace in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  

20230921MairaBenjaminMigireWhatsApp Image 2023-09-21 at 23.01.57

BIC congregations in Nepal celebrated Peace Sunday with their usual worship service on Saturday. They took a special offering and prayed for peace in family, church, neighbourhood, the wider community, the nation, and the global Anabaptist community, especially for Ukraine and Myanmar.  

20230916BICNepalWhatsApp Image 2023-09-25 at 20.48.03

Peace – Paix – Amani – Mirembe: children at a Uganda Mennonite church wrote “Peace” in multiple languages.  


At Maytalang Mennonite Bible Church in the Philippines, “Nanay” (mother) Juana, the oldest participant (83 years old) and Aya, the youngest participant (1 year old), pasted a golden leaf on the peace tree of family connections.  


Creator God, Brother Jesus, reconciling Spirit, teach us to build peace each day. Help us to see your image in every person we meet – including our enemies. Help us to recognize our interconnectedness. Give us courage to stand up for others by recognizing our interconnectedness.  

With your support, we can gather stories, teaching and activities on peace to share with our churches through the Peace Sunday worship resource.

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