Proceedings - Assembly 16

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Mennonite World Conference Assembly 16
Congreso Mundial Menonita Asamblea 16
Conférence Mennonite Mondiale Assemblée 16

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
21-26 July 2015

A compilation of speeches and greetings from PA 2015

Copyright ©2017 Mennonite World Conference / Congreso Mundial Menonita / Conférence Mennonite Mondiale

In two parts

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PA 2015 plenary speaker Bruxy Cavey resigned 3 March 2022 from The Meeting House, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, a member of Be In Christ Church of Canada, MWC member church. The congregation’s Board of Overseers requested his resignation after a third-party investigation determined he had a sexual relationship that “constituted an abuse of Bruxy’s power and authority.” Cavey’s ministerial credentials have been removed by the Be In Christ denomination. 

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