Feeding relationships

How can an international organization sustain its work of connecting leaders around the world? One lunch at a time. The cost of one lunch in your local area can support unity in the global Anabaptist Mennonite family. You can give your contributions... more/más/suite

Liturgies for gathering and benediction

Gathering/opening Leader: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I welcome you, our sisters and brothers in this time of worship. People: It is a joy to be together in God’s house. Leader: We raise our voices with a heart full of earnest longing... more/más/suite

Celebrate AWFS with online prayer

“Apart and together, we meet in prayer as a global Anabaptist family to encourage each other and share burdens,” says Arli Klassen, regional representatives coordinator. “This year, we offer a special invitation to gather online to participate in a... more/más/suite

Hong Kong fears for religious freedom

Over the past year, Hong Kong has undergone tremendous political changes. The police crackdowns have been repeated one after another. How should the church manage in these times? How should believers deal with this? When I was growing up, I thought... more/más/suite

Kindness during lockdown

“We had only rice provided by the state government nothing else and we were having only rice for many days. I was concerned how to feed my family during this lockdown period. I am a daily wage labourer. During this time, our pastor came with a bag... more/más/suite

Crossing barriers to connect deeply

Technology has cut the distance that has separated us during the pandemic times when we could not meet in person. Even though technology is able to bring us closer, it does not guarantee that we are truly connected and intertwined with one another... more/más/suite

Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday worship materials

Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday is an opportunity to remind our communities of faith that we are all part of one body made up of many tribes, languages and nations (Revelation 7:9). Each year, we encourage Anabaptist-related churches across the... more/más/suite

Call to Worship Responsive Litany

Leader: Our salvation and honour come from God alone. He is our refuge, and a Rock of safety. People: We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him, our Rock and our Salvation. Leader: O my people, trust him at all times. Pour out your heart to... more/más/suite


This poem of hope was written originally for Easter Sunday 2019. It signifies hope in Jesus as reflected in Creation. Up from the ash, where once fire raged leaving scorched black earth, rise magenta-topped stems, lithe and delicate, bowing in the... more/más/suite

Lordship in life

“Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it,” (1 Peter 3:15, NLT). The June protests in Hong Kong against the proposed extradition law brought much attention in... more/más/suite

MWC worship resources draw the family together

Gathered and scattered. Mennonite World Conference creates space for the global Anabaptist family to worship together, together in body in one location, and together in spirit in many locations. One way is through publishing worship resources. Each... more/más/suite

World Fellowship Sunday: Responsive Prayer

Text: Luke 4:18-21 (NRSV) Leader: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; All: Forgive us, Lord, for the times our actions have not been consistent with the message of Good News to the most... more/más/suite

“We have learned…”

The problems in Venezuela affect the economy, relationships, health services, crime, insecurity, public services, corruption, politics, malnutrition and inflation. We decided to come to Colombia to improve the living conditions of our families, look... more/más/suite

The song remains: Hope in Honduran gang territory

For more than 20 years, gangs clashed in Chamelecón neighbourhood in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The main street served as an invisible border, marking off the territory of the two dominant gangs. Even for people who weren’t in gangs, it was dangerous... more/más/suite

World Fellowship Sunday: a communion of 500 years

Every year on the Sunday closest to 21 January, Mennonite World Conference invites its 107 member churches to join in a celebration of World Fellowship Sunday. The worship themes vary from year to year, but the rationale for the timing of the event... more/más/suite


哥倫比亞 波哥大 -- 綜觀教會歷史,我們不難發現人們在追隨耶穌的同時,不斷被聖靈更新以及轉化,我們也堅持心中的盼望來面對挑戰。 今日,南半球的教會都注目著聖靈的同在與權能,世界大會的非洲地區代表也著手準備著2018世界團契主日的相關材料與資源。 世界大會「全球團契主日」是一個幫助兄姊省思重洗派信仰意義的機會,也是我們與全球重洗派基督徒在聖靈裡敬拜的年度歡慶盛事。 世界大會總幹事César García說:「這一天,我們是在在基督裡慶祝那些文化、國界等等使我們隔絕的藩籬,... more/más/suite

Healing by the Spirit

There are many in Africa who experience physical healing by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a story of two different types of physical healing, at the Meserete Kristos Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Tesfatsion Dalellew. Some years ago,... more/más/suite

見證 在法國Ain區與伊拉克難民一同學習

因為2014年底伊斯蘭國節節進逼的情勢所迫,伊拉克貝爾卡德(Bellegarde)鎮三個教會共20成員決心與一群難民一同逃離該地,歷經九個月的等待之後,Mikho一家,包括二位祖母、父母與三個小孩於某星期六傍晚在火車站獲准入境。 由於媒體想報導一個正面積極的故事,而非恐懼衰退中的歐洲,因此,有攝影師與記者在他們抵達時前來採訪,往後數星期媒體仍在報導,以至於大眾的反應與我們很有限的收留人數不成比例。 這個家庭在一個月之內獲得最低工資與住房津貼,九個月後非常融入本地生活,以至於不再需要阿拉伯語-... more/más/suite

We cry – together – for God’s mercy

World Fellowship Sunday celebrates koinonia amid suffering Bogotá, Colombia – “We celebrate World Fellowship Sunday because it is a way to remember the origin of our church: clearly, first comes the teachings of Jesus, but we also remember that 500... more/más/suite

Community draws together in Enkenbach-Alsenborn – Germany

Robert Beutler knows all too well what it means to be persistent. After hearing of a Syrian refugee family’s arrival in his hometown of Enkenbach-Alsenborn, he made a point of contacting the family to welcome them. It was only after the third... more/más/suite