Assembly participants on-site nearly doubled

The Indonesian Assembly just got a little bit larger. The National Advisory Committee for Assembly 17 and the executive committee of MWC have decided to raise attendance numbers for the gathering in Indonesia to 1250.

COVID-19 cases in Indonesia remain low so the Indonesian government has lifted quarantine restrictions for travellers.

“We would love to see you in Indonesia. Please register now! It is not yet too late to make travel plans,” says Liesa Unger, chief international events officer.

“Anyone can register until we reach the limit. Our registration team is happy to put in the extra effort to facilitate these late registrations and General Council arrangements.”

If gathering sizes are increased later, more local participants may join the closing worship service at Holy Stadium, 10 July 2022.

The expanded number of participants allows for the General Council to take place onsite instead of online.

“Mennonite World Conference is a communion – that means we are in a deep, spiritual, unifying relationship with one another,” says César García, general secretary. “The discernment work of the General Council is best done where we can spend time with each other, fellowshipping not only in sessions but also over meals and in leisure outside of meetings.”

The Commissions will also attend Assembly and hold face-to-face meetings.

“Without a doubt, our time in Indonesia will be a blessing for our global communion,” says César García.


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