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Young AnaBaptists build global connection during YABs Fellowship Week

Between 18-25 June 2023, young adult groups around the world celebrated the Young AnaBaptist (YABs) Fellowship Week. Themed The family I found in my salvation, young people shared stories, worshipped together, prayed as one, learned from each other’s testimonies, and discussed Luke 15:4-7.

A new way to meet this year was the launch of the YABs’ Discord group, with four virtual hangouts during YABs Fellowship Week, attended by 65 people from 11 countries.

“As more young people use this platform to play games, chat, listen to voice notes/webinars and hold virtual meetings, we want to have as many young Anabaptists as possible connect to each other through this platform,” says Ebenezer Mondez, YABs mentor.

In two of the four virtual hangouts, the current YABs Committee invited two of the original YABs Committee (then called AMIGOS): Sarah Nahar (nee Thompson) is now a nonviolent action trainer and interspiritual theologian; Elina Ciptadi is now MWC Interim Chief Communications Officer and a family counselling student.

“Coming to the Global Youth Summit / Assembly was lifechanging,” says Elina Ciptadi. “It opened doors to a leader of a small young adult group like me to work on bigger causes at a national level, and then at a global level through MWC. It was uplifting to know that I have friends around the world we could share our struggles and triumphs with, that we could pray for and learn from each other.”

The YABs will continue to use Discord as they build on connections made during the 2022 Global Youth Summit in Indonesia.

“I encourage everyone to cultivate the global connections you started in Assembly, see how God can work wonders through these relationships,” says Elina Ciptadi.

It’s not too late! Anyone still wanting to use the YABs Fellowship Week materials for their church can download them here. Youth and young adults wanting to join the online community can sign up on Discord.

About the Young AnaBaptist (YABs) Committee

This committee represents young people before the MWC General Council and works with the MWC Executive Committee. The YABs Committee is made up of a representative from each continent and a mentor.

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