Courier/Correo/Courrier is a magazine published twice a year by Mennonite World Conference in English, Spanish, and French.

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Courier is interested in your contributions. An upcoming issue will look at how we engage with religious traditions outside of Christianity. Do you have drawings, paintings, sculpture or photographs that depict interreligious dialogue? Submit your artwork/graphic art to for consideration for use in Courier. Please ensure images are full resolution. Include artist’s name and local church. Include a short description of the artwork.

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From 2013-2015, Courier/Correo/Courrier, with the subtitle News/Noticias/Nouvelles, was published as a four-page newsletter six times a year. Twice a year (in April and October), the newsletter was one section in a larger magazine called Courier/Correo/Courrier.

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  • 2019 (Vol 34, No 1)
  • 2018 (Vol 33, No 2)
  • 2015 (Vol 30, No 4)
  • 2015 (Vol 30, No 2)
  • 2014 (Vol 29, No 5)

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  • 2017 (Vol 32, No 1)
  • 2016 (vol 31, No 2)

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  • 2017 (Vol 32, No 1, 2)
  • 2016 (vol 31, No 2)

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  • 2017 (Vol 32, No 1, 2)
  • 2016 (vol 31, No 2)