Believers bring water for drought baptism

In the drought-prone Borena region of Ethiopia, believers saved water to hold a baptism for 120 new believers. The area in Southern Ethiopia currently has a severe water shortage.  

Believers excavated land and lined it with plastic to preserve rainwater. They used traditional methods to prevent evaporation. Finally, in yellow 20L containers, they brought water for immersion baptism from 10 kilometres away.  

Abebe Seyoum, lead pastor of Misrak Addis Ababa Meserte Kristos Church (MKC), presided over the baptism in August.  

Misrak Addis Ababa was one of the four MKC local churches established in Addis Ababa after the Derg government fell in 1991. At present, the congregation supports 30 missionaries who are spreading the gospel and planting churches in remote rural areas.  

More than 70 Bible study groups at Misrak MKC in the church give money every month. Some Bible study groups support one missionary each, but other Bible study groups support one missionary in common. 

a group of people stand outside a hut with yellow water cans
In yellow 20L containers, believers brought water for immersion baptism from 10 kilometres away.

After five years of MKC mission work, there are five local churches and more than 40 new church planting centres in Borena.  

“The harvest is plenty, and we need to send more missionaries to evangelize the people and plant more churches in the area,” says Abayneh Anjulo, director of MKC Evangelism and Church Planting Department.  

Many of the new believers pack into small houses to meet for worship. Abayneh Anjulo, Director of MKC Evangelism and Church Planting Department, highlights the need to construct church buildings for gathering  

“The decision of Misrack MKC to send a missionary or go faraway to share the gospel of the kingdom created an encouragement not only the people in the region but also to other MKC leaders,” says Desalegn Abebe, president, MKC.   

—adapted from MKC News 

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