Assembly News #8

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Join the MWC Assembly Online!

Host a “watch party” with your congregation, family or friends.

Register to enter Assembly Hub:

  • access live streams of the daily plenaries sessions,
  • participate in hybrid and online workshops and discussions,
  • follow Assembly on-site through vlogs,
  • participate in mixed online and on-site small groups.

Recorded sessions will stay in the Assembly Hub until 30 September 2022, so you can re-visit the sessions at another time.

The Hub is a virtual platform where people can participate in different spaces that enrich the virtual experience.

Carried by the love of God

“When Jesus came to the world he loved everyone. We are all created in one image, so we need to treat everyone as children of God. When people take their MWC bags with them, they will be able to remember who the people were that made the bags, and that they are beloved by God,” says Pastor Yeanny. Even if you aren’t able to attend Assembly in person, you can find these bags available as souvenirs in the near future.

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