Worship dance in JKI churches

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In Indonesia, the congregation that worships in the Holy Stadium in Semarang (Jemaat Kristen Indonesia – JKI) includes dancers during the worship through music. This introduces creative, expressive art and provides another “language” to worship the Lord. An expression of the heart, movements symbolize honour, adoration, joy and thanksgiving. Dance can include tambourine, ribbons, banners and other objects. Movements are usually structured with specific meanings; the patterns are familiar across churches. The dance team follows the lead of the worship leader and music director, united in one heart to glorify God and to usher the congregants into God’s presence.

Holy Stadium, Semarang, 28 June 2020 (Minute 11:14) The first service since the pandemic.
JKI Kingdom Gospel (Minute 9:31, 33:39)
JKI Kingdom Gospel (Minute 5:12)
JKI Maranatha Praise and Worship