MWC urges solidarity with calls for peaceful solution in Ukraine

Bogotá, Colombia – “We want to partner with our brothers and sisters in the West and in Ukraine to call for a negotiated diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

“This conflict cannot be solved with violence. Both NATO and Russia are too strong to be defeated by military means…. The costs of a military ‘solution’ are way too high for any side to pay.”

This appeal was issued in a 05 February letter from The Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists to “dear friends in Christ primarily in North America.”

The letter expresses particular concern that the 18 December signing of the “Freedom Support Act” by the United States could bring “a serious military escalation.”

“Russian society too is far from perfect,” stated the letter. “Pray for us.”

Mennonite World Conference has sent assurances of prayer and solidarity to the Russian church.

MWC is also sending a letter to its 102 member churches, urging them to pray for the church in Russia and to use whatever opportunities they have to ask political leaders to consider other than military options in Ukraine.

MWC release