Aanvang door een responsoriale litanie

Voorganger: Alleen God is ons heil en eer. Hij is onze schuilplaats, en onze zekere Rots. Gemeente: Wij wachten stil op God, want in hem is onze hoop, onze Rots en ons Heil. Voorganger: O mijn volk, vertrouw op God te allen tijde. Stort uw hart bij... more/más/suite

Lessons from the crossfire: Remaining faithful to God’s peace

Colombia is in the early stages of a peace process signed in late 2016 between the largest guerilla group and the national government. Even though many of us had high hopes that the peace agreements would bring a turnaround in the country’s history... more/más/suite


Tekst: Lucas 4:18-21 (NBV) Voorganger: De Geest van de Heer rust op mij, want hij heeft mij gezalfd. Om aan armen het goede nieuws te brengen heeft hij mij gezonden… Allen: Vergeef ons, Heer, als onze daden niet in overstemming zijn geweest met de... more/más/suite

“We have learned…”

The problems in Venezuela affect the economy, relationships, health services, crime, insecurity, public services, corruption, politics, malnutrition and inflation. We decided to come to Colombia to improve the living conditions of our families, look... more/más/suite

The song remains: Hope in Honduran gang territory

For more than 20 years, gangs clashed in Chamelecón neighbourhood in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The main street served as an invisible border, marking off the territory of the two dominant gangs. Even for people who weren’t in gangs, it was dangerous... more/más/suite

The joy of Christian unity

Celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Germany Over the more than 10 years I have been serving as pastor in Evangelische Freikirche Mennonitengemeinde Regensburg, the Burgweinting neighbourhood has been celebrating an ecumenical... more/más/suite

Community draws together in Enkenbach-Alsenborn – Germany

Robert Beutler knows all too well what it means to be persistent. After hearing of a Syrian refugee family’s arrival in his hometown of Enkenbach-Alsenborn, he made a point of contacting the family to welcome them. It was only after the third... more/más/suite