Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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Pray for infrastructure development for our congregations and capacity building of our prospective leaders in Uganda. Pray for ability to reach out to the unreached in our communities
—submitted by Simon Okoth, Mennonite Church Uganda
Photo: Henk Stenvers

21 oktober 2022

We pray for the Lord´s provision for the work of living out the good news. May God awaken us to his mission. May we have eyes, hearts and hands ready to receive new projects and new workers that God raises up.
Photo:Windhi Arsari

18 oktober 2022

We pray to be able to reach people locally in Paraguay and to support each other among churches and local conventions.
—submitted by Clemens Rahn, Asociación Hermanos Menonitas, Paraguay
Photo: Windhi Arsari

10 oktober 2022

Lord have mercy! God of love, show your grace to the children in Myanmar who are affected by war. Minister to their hearts and spirits so that the chill of fear and the root of bitterness will not take hold and poison their futures.
Jesus, bring conversion and repentance to the leaders and the soldiers of the civil war in Myanmar. May they see the suffering they are inflicting begin to re-evaluate their goals and strategies.
Spirit of God, walk alongside the church members who are displaced and suffering, and the pastors who are ministering among them. Assure them of your steadfastness.
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03 oktober 2022

Pray for solidarity, fellowship and discernment as leaders of European churches prepare to gather in person at the end of October. Praise God for the ways Mennonite organizations have cooperated across barriers to respond to the war in Ukraine and refugee crisis in Europe. Pray for their continued hospitality to refugees in their regions.
—submitted by José Arrais, MWC regional representative for Europe
Photo: Henk Stenvers

15 september 2022

We thank you, God, for Assembly!
Thank you for the opportunity to gather in person despite many barriers to cross.
Thank you for the chance to invite participants from around the world to join through their screens at home.
Thank you for the hospitality of our Indonesian hosts and for the lessons of interfaith harmony they modelled.
Thank you for all the staff and volunteers whose generous and cheerful service enabled the event to happen.
Lord God, nurture the relationships that have been planted through this event. Grow fellowship between our churches to strengthen us as ministers of reconciliation and beacons of shalom.
Photo: Loyce Twongirwe

15 september 2022

Please pray for Disha, a YAMENer from India, who had a major stroke in July as she was about to complete her term in Cambodia. Disha’s condition is stable, and she has now been moved to a hospital in India, where she can continue her recovery and rehabilitation closer to the support of her family and church community. Please pray for her continued improvement and for her family and church community.

14 september 2022

We pray for the churches and servants of God to be protected from persecution in India.
Photo: Sunderland Mennonite Church Dhamtari

06 september 2022

We pray for a just peace in Ukraine. Pray for courage and perseverance for people in Russia who work for peace. Pray that refugees may find safety and welcome.

29 augustus 2022

Associacão dos Irmãos Menonitas de Portugal (the MB church in Portugal) has been looking for a new place. Pray that God will guide them, and help them with the knowledge to deal with all this process and the funds to purchase another building.

Two of their churches used to function in different buildings: one used to be an African-based church, and the other Portuguese. Both are now uniting to become one. Pray that this process will be smooth and healthy and that will see spiritual fruits from it, especially unity and love. During the month of August, they will have outreach activities every Saturday in the new location of Massamá.

Pray that God will start meaningful relationships between the church and the neighborhood and that Christ will be known and accepted by many during the time. On 11 September 2022, they will have a big celebration to start the church year (which follows the school year): two teenagers will be baptized and there are more people interested. Pray for spiritual protection and that this day will be a day to witness Jesus to many of the non-believers that we intend to invite. May God bring some of them and impact their lives.

There are new and young leaders in our team of church leaders, pray that God will bring maturity, faith, encouragement, wisdom, and especially team spirit and unity, as well as training opportunities.

—ICOMB August Update

19 augustus 2022

We pray that the churches may be instruments of peace, justice, and reconciliation for the people of Colombia.

Photo:  José Antonio Vaca Bello, Ibagué Mennonite Church, Colombia.

16 augustus 2022

We pray that Christians would seek the unity of the Spirit, showing grace and forbearance in a politically divided culture. 

Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo 

08 augustus 2022

Please pray for willing workers to serve the Lord, and for wisdom to take on the challenges of 2022. 
—submitted by Susana Garrido, Uruguay

Photo:Karla Braun

02 augustus 2022

Renewing Spirit,
Help your church to be open, in fidelity to the gospel of Jesus,
to all possibilities in the coming of the new kinship – the kin-dom of God – on earth.
Help us to align our ways to sharing, social cohesion,
and symbiotic co-living between humans and the rest of creation;
to see creation as a cosmic web of living beings,
in which all creatures live in mutual interdependence.
Help your church to abide in a harmonious bond between the Source of being and all things.
—Nindyo Sasongko, Creation Care Task Force

26 juli 2022

Conflicts in some of our member churches continue to divide and discourage brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray that the armour of God as in Ephesians 6:14 will be put on and the armour of actions given in Galatians 5:20-21 will be laid down for the church to be an effective witness to Christ in India.
—submitted by Cynthia Peacock, MWC regional representative, South Asia
Photo: Tiz Brotosudarmo

18 juli 2022

May we help each other in our task of witnessing to God’s grace by serving others, caring for creation, resisting conformation to the powers of evil, and inviting all people to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. 
Photo: Teo Kresna 

12 juli 2022

As we gather in fellowship and hope, we remember our family who live in conflict and crisis: the Kasai and East regions of DR Congo, Myanmar, the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Ukraine, Colombia. Lord, have mercy. 
Photo: Ebenezer Mondez

23 juni 2022

We pray for God’s help to continue as a koinonia that transcends barriers of nationality, race, class, gender, language – and time and space. We pray for connection: that online participants in Assembly would not experience technical problems and that they would encounter the Anabaptist-Mennonite family at the event. We pray for the planting and cultivating of friendships that make space to learn, encourage each other and be mutually transformed. May we help each other in our task of witnessing to God’s grace by serving others, caring for creation, resisting conformation to the powers of evil, and inviting all people to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. 
Photo: Harry Unger 

23 juni 2022

A message from a leader of an MWC member church in Myanmar:  

Our country is affected by the global catastrophe: we are suffering from extreme poverty and hunger due to international economic sanctions and internal unrest from war.  
We plead for special prayer for the 51 families of our missionaries and church planters and the 415 families of our congregation members. They have left their homes and stay in forest. They have been not able to support their livelihood for a long time. Food shortage is the great challenge.   
Please pray for us. We believe that prayer can make a difference.  
In this most difficult time of turmoil in Myanmar, God has opened a great door for evangelization. This is the most rewarding time of our mission fields. God is still on the throne. 

Photo supplied 

22 juni 2022

Pray for those from three Mennonite synods and the local Committee who are preparing for the upcoming 17 GYS and MWC General Assembly events. 

21 juni 2022