Prayers of Gratitude and Intercession

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Pray for leaders in Kenya to embrace tolerance and peace come what may for the growth and development of the nation.
—submitted by Samson Omondi, Kenya Mennonite Church
Photo: Kristina Toews

09 oktober 2023

Pray for those affected by wildfires, especially in Spain and Italy where there are Anabaptist-Mennonite churches.
Photo: Estreito da Calheta, Portugal. Michael Held/Unsplash

02 oktober 2023

Pray that God would raise people to financially support training at Sikalongo Bible Institute and the building project for Chilenje BICC in Zambia. Pray for church planters and for bishop Thuma Hamukang'andu and staff members at the Bible institute. Praise God for the successful Zambian General conference. Praise God for the sacrificial service of pastors, some who are faithful despite failing to put food on the table. Praise God for the peace we are enjoying in Zambia.
—submitted by Donald Munachoonga, BICC, Zambia
Photo: Canva

26 september 2023

Dear brothers, we ask you to pray to the Lord about our situation in Cuba. It is almost impossible to live here. There is an extreme lack of food, medicine and everything else necessary for survival. The population is really suffering: there are barely enough medical staff to treat people in the hospitals; there are no first-aid supplies either; children don't have enough to eat; people are starving to death in the streets. A mass exodus is underway, even to Haiti. Many people die on the journey, while others want to try to leave, but lack the resources to do so. There are no smiles or joys left in my city, only drawn faces. Only God knows how to solve this problem. Please pray for us.
—Beatriz Mendez Vidal, Concilio Menonita en Cuba, president
Photo: La Iglesia Shekinah, Cuba

19 september 2023

My prayers continue for God’s peaceful reign across the globe, especially in my homeland of the USA where gun violence continues to escalate and where the love of guns seems to be greater than our love for God and fellow human beings.
—submitted by Warren Tyson
Photo: Karla Braun

12 september 2023

Pray for the plan to plant a Mennonite church in Bounouma in N’zérèkoré forest region of Guinea and other locations (Yalenzou, Demou, Bossou, Laapah et Nzoo) in 2023. Pray that God would open doors for evangelizatistic materials and smooth out the great mountains that stand in front of the vision for church growth.
—submitted by Timothy Koiba, Mennonite Church West Africa
Photo: Rhoda Shirk

05 september 2023

Pray for Christians in the Manipur region of India who have suffered from religiously motivated violence.
Pray for firmness of faith and oneness of hearts amongst the churches in India.
—submitted by Vipin Bansiar
Photo: Henk Stenvers

28 augustus 2023

Praise God that CAMCA (Mennonite Anabaptist Consultation of Mexico and Central America) is planned for 21-6 November 2023 in Guatemala, the first such gathering since the pandemic started. Pray that the gathering would strengthen the bonds of relationship, unity and communion between conventions and churches of diverse origin. May the theme from Isaiah 43:16-19 encourage the church to live out its calling as a sign and agent of light, life and hope amid adversity, uncertainties and social challenges.
—submitted by Willi Hugo Perez, MWC regional representative, Latin America − Central America
Photo: Ebenezer Mondez

22 augustus 2023

Pray for pastor Estevan Gonzalez Villarroel, president of MWC associate member church Iglesia Misionera Anabaptista in Bolivia. He, his wife, and child are recovering at home after a car accident.
—submitted by Freddy Barron, MWC regional representative for South America – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

21 augustus 2023

Pray for leadership challenges in some of the Indian member churches.
—submitted by Cynthia Peacock, MWC regional representative for Southern Asia

21 augustus 2023

Pray for Mennonite young people in Colombia who are working for reconciliation, peacebuilding, nonviolence, conscientious objection, truth and justice. 

Read more about the ceasefire agreement  

Read more about young people and Conscientious Objection  

Read the Peace Commission’s Declaration on Conscientious Objection  

Photo: Iglesia Pan de Vida Comunidad Menonita Soledad Atlantico, Colombia

14 augustus 2023

The Triennial All India Mennonite Women’s Conference to be held in October 2023 in Jagdeeshpur, CG in the BGCMC region where there will be around 300 plus women from all 8 conferences. Pray that Tigist Tesfaye, speaker for the conference from Ethiopia will receive her visa without any problem and be present. Also that all needs will be met for the Conference and all will be blessed. Soon after,the All India Mennonite Youth Conference too will take place at the same place. Pray for a blessed gathering there too.
—submitted by Cynthia Peacock, MWC regional representative, South Asia
Photo: Cynthia Peacock

14 augustus 2023

Peace Sunday 2023 – Prayer Requests


11 augustus 2023

For individuals in our congregations in the USA that we will let go of our busyness and the noise of our lives and learn to come before the Lord in silence, so we can grow in God’s love and ways for ourselves, one another and our neighbours, who desperately need this love.
—submitted by Sharon Charles Reimer
Photo: Angelika Regier

07 augustus 2023

Pray for infrastructure development of the Mennonite Church Uganda; for a bible school to enhance capacity building of the leaders for a sustainable Church, Pray for new Church Plants as the demand rises every single day, pray that God may bring a volunteer team or individual to reinforce child evangelism.
—submitted by Simon Okoth, Uganda
Photo: Henk Stenvers

27 juli 2023

We pray for the complex and difficult life circumstances that many women face in Latin America, and also for the children. Some of the problems that assail them include abuse and violence aimed at them, insufficient food, few educational possibilities, and few opportunities. May the Spirit of God inspire us to be light and act on behalf of the children and women. Amen.
—submitted by Adaía Bernal, Colombia
Photo: Karla Braun

25 juli 2023


21 juli 2023

Pray for Lewin Mennonite Bible Church who had to stop conducting their worship services at a member’s home because the rent was raised to a very high price that the congregation cannot afford to pay.
—submitted by Eladio Mondez, Philippines
Photo: Canva

18 juli 2023

We pray for the Mennonite church in Janga, Pernambuco, Brazil. An apartment building collapsed 7 July 2023 close to the church. Several adults and children who frequented the church’s services and outreach programs died. Pastor Valdemir Bento welcomes all prayers.

18 juli 2023

Praise God that we can meet together as national churches to worship, fellowship and discern. We pray for the following national churches who are holding their annual general conference: 

  • BIC Zimbabwe: 28-30 August 2023 at Mtshabezi Mission 
  • BIC Mozambique: 27-30 July 2023 in Beira. 
  • BIC Malawi: 10-13 August 2023 
  • Communauté Mennonite de Kinshasa, DRC: 16-19 August 2023 (including new pastor dedication)
18 juli 2023