The face of the global church

MWC [Assembly] was a really wonderful experience. It showed me the face of the global Mennonite church,” says Peter Buller, a student at Bethel College and a member of Buhler Mennonite Church, Kansas, USA. “Thanks to the great International Ensemble that brought different languages and cultures to life.” 

That global face is visible online through MWC’s website and social media. Assembly sessions can be relived through videos and the October issue of Courier

Peter Buller participated in the global Assembly as a Global Youth Summit attendee and also as a member of the !Explore program at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. 

He presented video clips as he spoke from his experience to his church after returning home. “The sermon that is still in my mind from the general Assembly is Jeremiah Choi’s sermon on his ministry and calling to the people of Hong Kong. As an aspiring, pastor I was inspired and called further into that calling by his words.” 

Plenary videos are being published on the website including songs from the international ensemble, and dozens of recorded workshops are online for learning by yourself or with a church group.  

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