Assembly News #6

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Assembly only circles back to the same continent every 25 years, so upon hearing that Indonesia would host the Assembly, she was already planning to come with her husband. “And then Liesa asked if I would like to organize the Global Church Village. I was immediately transported back to my experience in Calcutta, excited about bringing a miniature global village to life once more! I’m thankful for the opportunity to contribute,” Jessica Mondal says.

The Global Church Village will be a celebration of what each Anabaptist culture represents, and will be available to virtual participants.

  • Each continent will have a booth to host activities, display photos or videos of their churches, and share their perspective
  • A stage will host a multitude of cultural performances
  • A storytelling booth will host people who want to share their unique faith journeys
  • Everyone will also be able to participate in a mural or collaborative art project

Indonesia as the host will be given its own space to showcase their diversity. “Here, all Assembly participants can learn a little something about other cultures and churches. It will be a multisensory experience: people can taste, dance, sing, watch, listen, feel, and interact with each other!” Jessica Mondal says.


Assembly Gathered daily themes

  • Tuesday (opening): Following Jesus together across barriers
  • Wednesday: following Jesus, learning together
  • Thursday: following Jesus, living together
  • Friday: following Jesus, caring together
  • Saturday: following Jesus, celebrating together
  • Sunday (closing): following Jesus together