Peace Sunday 2021 - Prayers

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Establish your peace

Dear God,

In these times of searching for peace and resolution to conflicts
Establish your peace, O Lord!

In the midst of corruption, impunity and violence,
Establish your peace, O Lord!

In the midst of the journey of your Colombia people,
Establish your peace, O Lord!

In this searching for justice and peace for Colombia,
Establish your peace, O Lord!

In the midst of the pain of children, women and men,
Establish your peace, O Lord!

Establish your peace, O Lord, according to your will.


Adaía Bernal, director of Justapaz, an initiative of the Iglesia Cristiana Menonita de Colombia. Published in MCC Washington’s Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia (DOPA) resource in 2013.

Loving Through the Storm

The worst storms, Jesus, are the ones caused by our fear,
when we grow afraid of losing our power,
or we grow suspicious of the power of others,
when we refuse to acknowledge your mysterious authority;

Yet, it’s in the storm that we find our capacity to love.
In releasing our weak claim to power
and opening to your reign,
we discover a new way of seeing ourselves –
as called and useful and beloved –
and the other, whoever they may be –
as dignified and precious and beloved.

Here in the storm, Jesus, we need you, and we need each other,
and the love you give us to share,
leads us through sacrifice and self-giving
to peace and calm,
if only we will loose our hold on fear.


—John van de Laar, “Sacredise: Liturgical Resources for Progressive Communities” (

Prayer of Confession

(inspired by 1 Samuel 17:32-49, Mark 4:35-41)

God of love and power, we listen to the stories of miracles and doubt that these things can happen today.
We look at the waves of misfortune, distress, misery, distrust, and anger and wonder how we can still those waves.
We feel the pressures of power and fear flooding into our lives, threatening to drown us and wonder where you are.
Forgive us for the littleness of our faith.
Forgive us for our doubts.
Help us to place out trust in you, Lord Jesus. Help us to fix our eyes on you and on the ministries to which you have called us.
For we ask these things in Jesus’ name.

Words of Assurance
(inspired by Mark 4:35-41)

Fear not!
God is with us, stilling the storms and raging fears in our lives.
Place your trust in God always.

—Nancy C. Townley, “Worship Connection” on “Ministry Matters” (