How can I celebrate?

Saturday morning

“And David and all the house of Israel were celebrating before the Lord, with songs and lyres and harps and tambourines and castanets and cymbals.” (2 Samuel 6:5 ESV).

Even though I had only a short time to prepare for this, the idea comes from my heart that I was thinking about for a very long time.

I am tired of war, conflict, hunger, poverty, division, hatred, gun violence, black and white class difference, the oppression of women, slaughter of children and women, fake news, liars and unjust authorities and leaders and so many, many issues that you all are aware of.

COVID-19… during the high point of it in the news: we were counting numbers and when the number goes down, we feel happy that it’s getting down. Yet, we missed that those are not just numbers, but people, Humans, created in the image of God. It’s sad!

In the middle of all of this turmoil around me, around the globe, how can I celebrate in a situation like this? When I am told that I can’t cross over because I am black from a poor country? when I am interrogated like a criminal in most of the immigrations in most countries? when I am treated as burden and a problem? when I am treated as a terrorist? My uniqueness is being treated as a threat, my choices have been rejected: when I live in the mercy of my superiors, how can I celebrate?! Where there is no hope, why and how do I need to celebrate! How can I enjoy?

I paused and asked myself what do we mean when we say celebrate? So, I decided to consult my dictionary.

Celebrate: in one of the definitions, it is an acknowledgement with a social gathering or enjoyable activity a significant or happy day or an event.

Okay! So, Celebration is an acknowledgment!

It’s being together.

It’s to see significance in others.

Unless you are significant to me and I am significant for you, there is no celebration of togetherness.

Seeing significance in others crosses barriers. It helps you and me to celebrate our togetherness regardless of what.

I can forget my pain if I am significant to you.

I can pass the storm if I am significant to you.

I leave my superiority if I am significant to you.

I learn from my mistakes if I am significant to you.

My being rich or poor won’t be a hindrance anymore if I am significant to you.

If I am significant for you and you for me, I can celebrate at any time and any place.

As David celebrated before the Lord with songs and shouts of joy, let us celebrate our togetherness in a time like this. As we celebrate our togetherness … let us do it with the understanding of our significance to each other, with exuberance came from the heart, doing it in a genuine act of celebration and without exhibitionism or despising.

One way of the many we can celebrate our togetherness always in MWC is through the Deacon Commission work.

— Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle is a youth leader with Debub Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia. She is completing her term as YABs mentor (2015-2022) and will take the role of secretary of the Deacons Commission.

This article first appeared in Courier/Correo/Courrier October 2022.

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